Useful ideas

Tips to help put on the territory of your small kitchen literally everything you dreamed of


To put a huge amount of really necessary things within your small kitchen, it is not necessary to have supernormal abilities.

Only 25 small tips will change your life for the better.

1. Magnetic or corkboard, on which it is so convenient to store various trivia and favorite recipes. It will look great on the inside of the door of the kitchen cabinet.

2. On the inside of the door, you can also place a slate on which it is so convenient to make various notes and reminders.

3. Wall decoration using a perforated surface, equipped with various hooks, will allow to use this area as an excellent storage place for pots and other items of kitchen utensils.

4. Practically, the best technique aimed at ensuring comfortable storage of knives, in conditions of limited spaces, is the use of a magnetic holder, which can be placed in any positions.

5. Special wooden sheath, fixed under the cabinet, continue the theme of convenient storage of your knives.

6. Your shelves are perfect for storing things that have no place in the kitchen cabinets.

8. Drawers with which you can equip any cabinets, save enough space and have a decent appearance.

9. Be vigilant, because every free inch of your kitchen space can be used as efficiently as possible.

10. Not only the main part of the cabinets can be converted to increase the functionality of these products, but their side walls can also serve the great goal of saving space.

11. Not only various magnetic holders, but also baskets on a similar basis, will allow you to make the refrigerator a more functional product.

12. Ceiling holders in the form of a lattice will allow you to free up useful space by moving the storage area of ​​your pans and pots to higher tiers.

13. Hooks make corner cabinets an ideal place to store various kitchen utensils.

14. Sufficient dimensions of the cutting boards, even from the sink will make an ideal workplace.

15. Office supplies, in the form of flexible folder holders, are an excellent alternative to various hinged shelves.

16. The inner side of the doors of various cabinets is an excellent ground for experiments. Towels and tacks also fit comfortably on this plane using ordinary hooks.

17. Old railings installed in kitchens are not designed to maintain your balance. This design will ensure perfect storage of various covers.

18. You can increase the level of functionality of existing shelves, by installing additional sections.

19. And again the office theme will serve your high goals in the territory of a small kitchen. Folder holders will help to equip a great place to store your trays and cutting boards.

20. A kitchen trolley can actually be a truly multi-functional thing, combining a work surface, a place to store dishes and a convenient coffee table.

21. Even narrow models of kitchen carts are fashionable to use for the benefit of the process of optimizing the kitchen space.

22. A stylish table with a folding folding structure is the optimal element of the interior of a small kitchen.

23. Corner cabinets, custom-made, will allow you to use even the most uncomfortable spatial elements of your kitchen.

24. Take a look at the cabinets, and in particular the space above them. There is also enough ground to test a huge number of creative solutions.

25. Well, do not soar in the clouds and look exclusively in the vertical direction. The space under the many elements of kitchen furniture is a great place to organize the storage of necessary things.