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19 best examples of arranging a small bathroom, which should be implemented in your apartment

A small bathroom may not be as comfortable as you would like.

There are several ways to correct this injustice.

In the new review were collected the most appropriate examples of how to solve this issue.

1. Noble gray

Adjacent bathroom in gray-white.

A small adjacent bathroom in gray-white tones that allow you to visually enlarge the space, with a beautiful sink built into the marbled worktop, a corner shower and a modern toilet.

2. Classic design

Black and white bathroom in a classic style.

An elegant small bathroom, decorated in a classic style, with black and white walls, modern sanitary engineering, a refined mirror in the frame and a luxurious chandelier, which became the key interior details.

3. Light wood

Snow-white bathroom with accent wooden details.

Modern bathroom of a very modest size, with white ceramic tiles on the walls, modern bathroom fixtures without bulky legs and supports, compact bathroom, comfortable towel rails and several shelves of light wood, which have become key parts of the interior and brought a touch of freshness to it.

4. Contrasts

Contrasting combination of black and white in the interior of a small bath.

A small bathroom, predominantly decorated in white, with an original square bathtub, black faucet and an accent wall, which make the interior spectacular and contrasting.

5. Blue depth

Narrow bathroom with blue ceramic tiles.

The interior is a narrow adjacent bathroom with sanitary ware, placed along opposite walls, and a full bathroom, decorated with ceramic tiles of rich blue color.

6. Cheerful turquoise

Stylish bathroom with turquoise tiles.

A small bathroom with cheerful ceramic tiles on the walls, built-in shelves, a contrasting wooden cabinet and the original screen under the bathroom.

7. Zoning

Adjacent bathroom with original partition.

Stylish and laconic interior of a modern bathroom in white and blue colors with an original wall-partition between the toilet and shower.

8. Elegant interior

Bathroom in classic style.

Small charming bathroom in bright colors, with modern fixtures, arranged along one wall, large bathroom, decorated with an apron of gray ceramic tiles, and covered with glass curtains.

9. Minimalism

Small bathroom in the style of minimalism.

A small adjacent bathroom in a minimalist style with a hinged modern sink and toilet without bulky legs, weighting the interior, and a shower cabin without walls and a pan.

10. Optical illusion

Small bathroom with original wall decoration.

Stunning interior of a small bathroom with an original ceramic wall decoration, a small bathroom behind glass curtains, a toilet and a sink along one wall, a unframed mirror and stylish wooden shelves.

11. Laconic design

A small combined bathroom in bright colors.

The laconic design of the combined bathroom is modest in size, with an original light wall decoration, a magnificent shower stall behind glass curtains and contrasting accents in the form of light wood cabinets.

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12. Moroccan style

Bathroom in Moroccan style.

A small bathroom with white walls, the highlight of which was the original screen under the bathroom and the apron, decorated with ceramic tiles in the Moroccan style.

13. Light and shadow

Small bathroom with dark walls.

A small adjacent bathroom with a spectacular dark tile on the floor and walls, a hinged toilet, a rectangular bathroom and mirrors.

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14. Nothing more

Tiny minimalist bathroom.

A narrow, small bathroom with white walls, a bright floor decorated with fine ceramic tiles, a shower without walls and a tray, a mounted washbasin and an abundance of cupboards hidden behind smooth and mirrored facades.

15. Day and night

Modern black and white bathroom.

Spectacular bathroom with contrasting black-and-white wall and floor trim, modern wall cabinet, minimalist toilet and a spacious shower stall hidden behind glass walls.

16. Brutal design

Narrow bathroom with gray walls.

Creative interior of a small adjacent bathroom with unusual gray walls and magnificent brass fixtures.

17. Floristic motif

A small bathroom in dark colors.

The magnificent interior of a small adjacent bathroom with black ceramic tiles on the walls, a spectacular wide stripe with a floral print behind a mounted toilet, a corner shower and a large mirror.

18. Playful design

Bright design of a small bathroom.

Bright and cheerful interior of a small bathroom with multi-colored ceramic walls, a compact toilet in the corner, a mounted washbasin and convenient built-in shelves.

19. Turquoise breeze

Bright interior of a tiny bathroom.

The wonderful interior of a tiny bathroom with turquoise walls and floor, and a shower stall with a high side, combined with a hinged bollard.

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