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Crazy Furniture: 18 Design Ideas That Boggle the Imagination


Standard furniture in brown-gray colors is what we all see every day. Such interior items are almost invisible, literally merging with the situation. But not all furniture is such.

We share the craziest inventions of furniture designers that cannot go unnoticed.

1. For reading lovers

Cozy rocking chair.

The round rocking chair is designed for reading lovers. Built-in lighting system, complete privacy from the outside world - what could be more comfortable for someone who decided to plunge into the world of books?

2. From the garage to the house

Car seats are very comfortable and at home.

The convenience of car seats did not leave the designer indifferent. Therefore, he decided to use their design as the main idea to create a sofa.

3. Mini-bar - man’s friend

Minibar made of wood.

The dog-shaped minibar is very roomy. One of the rare cases when crazy designer furniture is truly functional.

4. For those who want to lose weight

Dining table with swings.

To lose weight, you need to move more and eat little. This will help creative design table, where the role of chairs perform a swing. Normal food will not work, but additional physical activity is provided.

5. Almost Lego

A table that is easy to assemble in a couple of minutes.

Such a table will surely be appreciated by those who quickly get tired of the same interior. The compact coffee table will turn out to be disassembled in a couple of minutes and put into the far corner, replacing it with another.

6. Fabulous geometry

Furniture of unusual shape.

Furniture, as if descended from the pages of a fabulous book - the dream of any child. Spectacular shape and bright color make an unforgettable impression.

7. Chair with spicy secret

Chair with double bottom.

Does this furniture seem too defiant? Then you can simply put it back against the wall, and it will become just extravagant.

8. Cozy nest

A bed you don't want to leave.

The bed in the form of a nest rightly occupies a leading position in comfort. But be careful - in such a cozy nest there is a risk to oversleep all the important things.

9. Ideal for "Khrushchev"

Super compact kitchen.

More difficult to come up with furniture for the kitchen, which would occupy less space than this design creation. Under the work surface hides not only the storage system, but also a table with chairs.

10. Almost invisible

Furniture made of wire.

Despite the seeming fragility, such furniture has high strength. After all, it is made of metal wire.

11. From recyclables

Furniture made of cardboard.

Such furniture made of cardboard was created by a designer who cares about ecology. After all, the paper is completely decomposed in the natural environment in just a couple of years, unlike synthetic materials.

12. Both for people and animals.

This table will appeal to pets.

Designer table was created for those who care about the fascinating leisure of their pets. Cats will love to explore the cavity, at the bottom of which you can put your favorite toys.

13. Breakfast on the grass

Table for lovers of nature.

Such a hundred would be liked by the inhabitants of megacities who do not have the opportunity to visit picnics. What could be nicer than food in nature?

14. For those who miss their childhood

Movable bed of unusual shape.

Such a large rocking bed is useful to those who suffer from insomnia. After all, in it you can literally rock yourself.

15. Glass river, wooden banks

Spectacular designer table.

Glass table - familiar furniture. But the wooden table with glass insert looks really creative.

16. For lovers of sunbeams

A table from multi-colored glass.

Such a glass table literally transforms the interior. After all, sunbeams, the source of which he is, will enliven even the most dreary situation.

17. Multifunctional transformer

Table in retro style.

This designer table looks like furniture from the past, but at the same time is very functional. Working for such is a pleasure.

18. Knitted furniture

Extravagant designer chairs.

Armchairs, for which ropes are used, will change the interior. The main thing - do not get lost in such furniture.