Useful ideas

Stylish and practical ideas on the competent arrangement of small spaces


Even the smallest room can be liveable if properly furnished. This should be done sensibly and in consistency, taking into account a number of very important factors and criteria of the room.

Examples of such rooms were collected in this review. Some of the ideas here are useful not only for tiny rooms, but also for quite spacious ones.

1. Office in the closet

Workplace hidden in the closet.

At first glance, this is the most usual narrow cabinet, but behind a closed door there is a full-fledged office with a place for a computer and shelves to store the necessary details, you just need to substitute a high chair and you can start working. You can arrange such an office in a free corner of the living room, bedroom or even a hallway.

2. Dressing behind the curtain

Open closet behind the curtain.

Owners of small apartments should refrain from buying a bulky closet, which in conditions of limited space looks very rude and ridiculous. In such a situation, an open wardrobe with rails and shelves would be a better idea, which can be built in any empty corner of the room. A thick curtain will help you to hide personal things from prying eyes, which, in addition to its main function, can also be decorative.

3. Sleeper in a niche

Bed in a niche behind the curtain.

A niche is an ideal place to create a cozy corner for sleeping and relaxing, and in a one-room apartment it is also an opportunity to separate your sleeping place from the rest of the space. The entrance to the niche can be covered with the help of a thick original curtain, which will allow you to create an intimate atmosphere and become a stylish detail of the interior of the entire room.

Cabinet with mount for the TV.

A special cabinet with space for mounting the TV in the center and smooth doors on the sides, behind which there are many shelves for storing books, CDs and any other things, will be a great solution for a small room and will allow you to save space.

5. Dining area

Bright and compact dining area.

A small table-shelf made of stainless steel, a pair of compact bright chairs and a themed picture or a poster on the wall will create a comfortable dining area even in confined spaces.

6. Embedded Storage

Built-in shelves and niches.

To create a stylish and functional interior of the bedroom will help built-in wardrobes and shelves, hidden behind the plating of the same tone as the other walls of the room. This trick will allow you to harmoniously fit the closet and bedside shelf in the design of a small bedroom.

7. Hallway Hanger

Compact and creative hanger in the hallway.

A compact and creative hanger, equipped with hooks for outerwear and bags, as well as a variety of shelves for shoes and scarves, will allow you to competently use the space of a small hallway and will become a real highlight of the space.

8. Non-standard solution

Chair on the hook.

Sometimes, the acute shortage of living space makes the owner of small apartments think outside the box, inventing new ways to save space. For example, an ordinary chair attached to a wall with a sturdy hook can function as a bedside table and, if necessary, will become an additional sitting place.

9. Functional headboard

Headboard with built-in shelves.

The headboard of the bed, equipped with regular or built-in shelves on the sides, will allow you to place a lot of necessary trifles, eliminate the need to buy bedside tables and become a functional part of a small bedroom.

10. Shelves around the door

Bookshelves around the door.

In most apartments, even if they do not have a large area, the space around the doors remains empty and not used. Interior designers propose to change this trend, making the doorway attractive and functional, with the help of shelves that are suitable for storing books and other trifles.

11. Under the ceiling

Shelves under the ceiling.

In order not to clutter up the space of a small room with bulky closets, the owners of those should think about building several shelves under the ceiling, which are ideal for storing a home library or any other rarely used items.

12. Bed-wardrobe

The design of the closet and bed.

Owners of one-bedroom apartments often face the problem of space zoning and the lack of space to accommodate all the necessary furniture. Fortunately, the modern furniture market offers a wide range of ergonomic and functional furniture. For example, a modern wardrobe with a full bed upstairs will fit perfectly into the interior of a one-room apartment, which will provide its owner with a huge storage space for clothes and a comfortable sleeping place hidden from prying eyes.

13. Little living room

Furnishing a small living room.

Owners of tiny living rooms, in the first place, should refuse to buy a large sofa in favor of several small but comfortable chairs that can be easily rearranged or moved from room to room.

14. The space under the stairs

Desk under the stairs.

The space under the stairs is a great place to organize a small but comfortable working area there. Pick up the desktop, shelves and think over options for their placement should be based on the size of the space.

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15. Shelving around the window

Bookcase around the eye.

In most apartments, the window is located approximately in the center of the short wall. The angles on either side of the window are often empty or only partially used. Properly use valuable square meters will help the bookcase, located on the sides of the window. Between the racks, in place of the window sill, you can build a soft sofa, which will become a cozy piece and an additional place to rest.

16. Shelves near the floor

Shelves in the bathroom.

A few open shelves on the wall above the floor allow you to place detergents and some toiletries, thus freeing upper cupboards and shelves for other necessary things.

17. Long Corner Shelves

Long corner shelves.

Visually increase the corridor and solve the problem of storing a lot of things will help long corner shelves, smoothly moving from the hallway to the living room.

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