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19 cool ideas of arrangement of a small loggia in a city apartment


There is a desire to get a small loggia in the apartment?

You need to know how to properly equip such places. There is nothing fundamentally difficult about this, but you should know a few basic things.

About them, in fact, and you can learn from the new review, which was collected concrete examples.

1. Closer to nature

Balcony with wooden furniture and decoration.

A cozy open balcony with wooden decoration, a corner sofa and an original coffee table made of wood and glass.

2. Modern office

Office on the balcony.

Narrow loggia, equipped with a home office with a small asymmetric table and a compact L-shaped shelving.

3. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style balcony.

The charming interior of a narrow loggia, decorated in bright colors, with a small wooden bar counter and a magnificent hanging chair made of rattan.

4. Nothing more

Loggia with open shelving.

A small plastic glazed loggia with a stylish open shelving for books, potted plants and decorative objects, and a simple chair for relaxing or reading.

5. Modern design

Bright loggia in modern style.

Spacious loggia with snow-white walls, original shelves, a compact hanging table, a comfortable corner sofa and a pouf for tea and relaxation.

6. Functional space

Workplace and recreation area on the loggia.

Stylish modern and functional interior of the loggia, in which it was possible to combine a small working area with a slate, hanging table and shelves, and a seating area with a compact bar of light wood and the same chairs.

7. Reading Corner

A cozy place to read on the balcony.

Wonderful light loggia with a wide window sill-bench and a spacious bookcase.

8. Bright design

Spacious loggia with original design.

The unique design of a spacious loggia with black and white tiles on the floor, a brick wall, an original and spacious rack of wood and metal, a compact mobile table and a magnificent yellow armchair.

9. Simplicity and beauty

Simple design of a cozy loggia.

A remarkable example of a budget design for a narrow loggia with home-made seats, a wooden table and original shelves from unwanted boxes.

10. Panorama

Narrow loggia with panoramic windows.

A stunning narrow loggia with panoramic windows, white brick walls, a modern armchair, a small coffee table and original lighting.

11. Wooden parts

Small balcony with wooden furniture.

Laconic interior of a small loggia decorated in neutral colors with a compact wooden bench and a small table made of dark wood.

12. Zoning of space

Bright loggia with work desk and seating area.

A narrow loggia, in which there was a place for a full-fledged workplace with a desk and shelves, and for a recreation area with armchairs and a coffee table.

13. Bright sofa

Cozy balcony with a bright sofa.

The magnificent interior of the narrow loggia with panoramic windows, light wood trim, several shelves for books and a charming bright sofa.

14. Bar counter

Bar counter on the balcony.

A light loggia with a narrow window-sill-bar counter, a small open shelving and a couple of bar stools for get-togethers with friends.

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15. Space for recreation

Tiny balcony with a soft bench.

Wonderful design of a small balcony decorated in white and green tones with a wide soft bench along the windowsill, a small cabinet and three beautiful flower pots with plants.

16. Workshop

Workshop on the balcony.

Glazed balcony, equipped with a sewing workshop with a functional hanging rack-table.

17. Minimalism

Narrow loggia with an armchair.

Wonderful narrow loggia with high-quality neutral finish, large soft armchair and concise decor.

18. Limited space

The interior of the tiny loggia with panoramic windows.

A very narrow loggia with snow-white walls, panoramic windows, a soft mattress for relaxing, a classic bookshelf and stylish lamps is an ideal place to contemplate the cityscape.

19. Garden

Garden on the open balcony.

Not glazed balcony with an abundance of vibrant green, a special design for climbing plants and a few chairs for relaxing.

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