Useful ideas

Unusual ideas on how to make a home cozier and warmer with a fake fireplace.

In an ordinary apartment, located in an apartment building, install a real fireplace will not work. Is it really necessary to forever abandon the idea of ​​home improvement? It is not necessary.

Falshkamina looks no less impressive and can be installed in any room. We share a fresh selection of ideas design falshkaminov.

1. Greens instead of fire

Falcamina with plants inside.

Falshkamina - a great place to place home plants in pots or vases, where there are flowers.

2. Bright accent in the interior

Falshkamina in a modern interior.

The fireplace can fit not only in a classic, but also in a modern interior. And painted in a bright color, it will be a highlight of the situation.

3. Suitcase mood

Registration falshkamina.

Vintage suitcases become the original content for a false fireplace installed in a regular apartment.

4. A bit of painting

Fireplace in eclectic style.

Usually the picture is hung over the fireplace. But why not put it inside the fireplace? This decor looks more than original.

5. Functional decor

Falshkamina with shelves.

A pair of shelves will never be redundant. Placed inside the fireplace, they allow rational use of this decorative element.

6. Almost as real

Falshkamina filled with firewood.

To enhance the similarity falshkamina with this fireplace, fill it with firewood. Natural wood will fit into any interior, making it as comfortable as possible.

7. Photos instead of paintings

Unusual decor fireplace.

A lot of small photos become the original decor for the wall above the false fireplace. This technique is best suited for eclectic interiors.

8. Piece of Mirror

Mirror in falshkamina.

A mirror placed in a fireplace looks very unusual. This decor is also functional - the presence of reflective surfaces contributes to the visual increase in the room.

9. To store the necessary things.

Falshkamina in the interior.

You can put a large box or a suitcase in a false fireplace, thereby turning it into a storage system.

10. Luxurious relief

Textured falshkamina in the interior.

Relief falshkamina does not need additional decoration. Such finished gypsum stucco can be pasted on the fireplace of the usual design, which lacks individuality.

11. Painted Fire

Bright fireplace in the interior.

In the fireplace there is a wooden plank painted with special paint for school boards. You can draw a fire on it or leave notes for all family members.

12. The tamed flame

Falshkamina with candles.

The classic version of falshkamina design is to put candles in it. This will allow to observe the real fire even in a regular apartment.

13. Delicate decor - a vase of flowers

A vase of flowers in a fake.

Instead of placing a vase of flowers on the table, place it in the false fireplace. So it will look much more elegant.

14. Safe games with fire

Play area in the fireplace.

The child will certainly appreciate the isolation of such a play zone, equipped in the fireplace. Here will fit both books and children's toys.

15. For a bohemian atmosphere

Sculpture in the fireplace.

Large sculpture, set in falshkamina, looks very unusual. Such decorative composition will make the interior creative.