Useful ideas

15 stylish interiors that convince color ceiling to be a great idea

White matte ceiling is a universal solution that harmoniously fits into any interior.

After all, this option looks as neutral as possible. But what if such an idea seems too boring and the desire to make the interior extravagant outweighs all the others?

We recommend to pay attention to the stylish interiors with a color ceiling.

1. Extravagant painting

Colored ceiling with painting.

Painting in antique style looks extraordinary in the interior, dominated by rich colors. Such decoration replaces paintings and other similar decor.

2. Color and texture

Colored ceiling with green beams.

Bright ceiling becomes more expressive due to the bulk beams. The interior acquires integrity through textiles in tone to the ceiling.

3. Color duet

Colored ceiling in a neutral interior.

The picture, designed in the same color range as the ceiling, creates with it a successful decorative composition. Due to the presence of such a color duet, the situation becomes harmonious.

4. Classic black

Unusual black ceiling.

If a dark color is chosen for finishing the ceiling and walls, then it is necessary to take care of sufficient lighting of the room. Ideal - large windows through which sunlight penetrates freely.

5. Uniform color range

Ceiling to match the walls.

The ceiling is lighter than the walls - a classic solution. But to revive the interior, stop at the same tone for the walls and ceiling. For example, on green different degrees of saturation.

6. Optical illusion

Striped ceiling.

Multi-colored stripes on the ceiling create the illusion of beams on it. The secret is in the presence of light gray stripes that look like a shadow from the yellow beams.

7. Bright abstraction

Abstract patterns in the decoration.

Multi-colored spots, painted on the ceiling in a chaotic manner, may be too expressive for an ordinary interior. But in a bright eclectic, such a finish fits perfectly.

8. General moment

Equal wall and ceiling decoration.

Finishing, passing from the walls to the ceiling - a fresh idea that will help to make the interior complete.

9. Catchy accent

Unusual ceiling in the bathroom.

The ceiling with the image of a flower becomes a semantic accent in the discreet interior of the bathroom, dominated by gray.

10. In all colors of the rainbow

Multi-colored ceiling in the bedroom.

The multi-colored ceiling is painted in all colors that are present in the interior of the bedroom. The design of the ceiling becomes more orderly thanks to the geometric shapes painted on it.

11. Gentle pastel

Decorated in pastel colors.

Bright ceiling with a similar color to the walls - a solution that will be appropriate in any interior. Visually delimit the plane will help moldings.

12. Wallpaper for the ceiling

The ceiling is decorated with wallpaper.

Wallpapers can look not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling.

13. Fabulous ceiling

The ceiling with a picture for the nursery.

Colored ceiling with a picture - a suitable idea for the nursery. Planes, clouds, fabulous animals ... The motive is chosen based on the tastes of the child.

14. Noble contrasts

Contrasting ceiling.

Saturated colors in the decoration are harmoniously combined with each other. As a result, the interior is expressive, but not vulgar.

15. Effect of surprise

Bright ceiling in a restrained interior.

Restrained interior would seem boring if it were not for the bright ceiling, sustained in contrasting colors.