Useful ideas

Awesome ideas on how to create a stylish interior with the help of old Soviet furniture


Soviet furniture and furnishings are perceived by most as outdated trash, which has no place in modern stylish interiors. But such an opinion is only partly true.

The interior, where there are several vintage details, may look relevant and expressive. We offer a fresh selection of delightful interiors, in which there are things from the Soviet past.

1. Cozy Scandinavian style

Chest of drawers in the Scandinavian interior.

The white color that prevails in the Scandinavian interior creates a feeling of cold and neutrality. But a brown wooden chest of drawers makes the atmosphere more warm and homely.

2. Stylish neoclassical

Piano and armchair in a non-classical interior.

The piano, which is expensive as a memory, does not necessarily throw out after repair. In the neoclassical interior, it looks harmonious, making up a vintage duet with a brown chair.

3. Retro for a country house

Retro style in the living room of a country house.

Muted colors in combination with the texture of natural wood create an elegant atmosphere. The interior is used as a Soviet chest of drawers, and modern furniture, stylized as retro. Bright decorative pillows give the living space dynamism.

4. The bright transformation

Vintage details painted in bright colors.

The easiest way to transform old furniture and a refrigerator is to repaint them in bright colors. Do not forget to carefully prepare the surface to paint evenly lay down. Vintage details are particularly relevant in the kitchen, where they create a homely, comfortable atmosphere.

The interior in a gray-yellow tones.

To make the retro interior look relevant, just add bright colors to it. For example, to paint the walls in a pastel yellow color, and furniture - in light azure.

6. The luxury of complex textures

Scandinavian interior with various textures.

Old sofa, updated by velvet upholstery, looks stylish. Retro mood in the interior supports vintage carpet. Details of the Soviet period look fresh due to their presence on a light background.

7. Comfort in green-brown tones.

Retro decor in warm colors.

The combination of green and brown is a win-win choice if the task is to create the most comfortable interior. Modern decor and decoration materials make the furnishings with Soviet furniture relevant.

8. Extravagant eclecticism

Eclectic interior with retro details.

At first glance, this interior is difficult to distinguish from the real Soviet. But, having looked narrowly, it is easy to notice that designers have worked hard on styling. Accent wall, decorated with unusual decor, paintings on the floor, kitchen furniture and a door of unusual colors - these details add extravagance to the interior.

9. New life of old cabinets

Retro furniture in the living room.

Designing a zone near the TV is not an easy task even for professional designers. Due to the presence of a number of modern technology, the old furniture looks unexpectedly original.

10. Unusual color combination.

The interior is in red and green tones.

Red and green - a rare combination for modern interiors. This color scheme makes the situation extraordinary. The impression is complemented by textiles with bright prints and furniture upholstery in saturated tones.

11. The strength of textiles

The interior is in neoclassical style.

Discreet neoclassical interior comes to life due to the updated sofa upholstery and decorative pillows with prints. The chair cover, matched to the tone, completes the picture.

12. In the style of boho-chic

The setting is in boho style.

Boho style is an excellent background for any vintage elements, including Soviet furniture. Complex patterns, rich colors, finish with the effect of aging create an extraordinary, but cozy interior.

13. Splashes of bright colors

Soviet chest of drawers in a modern interior.

Vintage chest was transformed after repainting it in blue. A carpet matched to the tone harmonizes well with it, due to which the interior looks holistic.

14. Interior with loft elements

Interior with loft elements.

Accent wall, lined with brick, becomes the central element in the interior. Such a loft element is perfectly combined with any vintage details, including the Soviet-era dining group.

15. A fresh look at the furniture "slide"

Soviet furniture set in a modern interior.

Furniture set for the living room, which was traditionally called the "slide", successfully fit into the modern interior, dominated by light colors.