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On the way to a unique design: 120+ inspirational ideas for decorating walls with your own hands


Decorating the walls with their own hands - an occupation that is useful not only for the interior, but also for the development of creative abilities.

It helps to forget about everyday problems and find inner harmony.

And if you engage in the decoration of the walls together with other family members, then this will only unite you even more.

Vinyl stickers for wall decoration

Slate wall for drawing with chalk - one of the ways to diversify the decor of the apartment

Multicolored old window shutters in the apartment walls

Decorating the walls with your own hands is not only beautiful, but also very interesting

DIY wall decor

The history of decorating walls is without much exaggeration the history of mankind. Ancient people decorated the cave with rock paintings, in the Middle Ages tapestries affirmed the walls, the Baroque covered the walls with velvet and silks, socialist minimalism with simple (and in terms of quality and design) wallpaper.

Textile huge flowers on the wall in the kitchen

Ties and hats can serve as an excellent element of the decor of your interior

A beautiful combination of multi-colored glossy honeycombs and wood in the decoration of the bedroom wall

The wall is a large artistic canvas, on which modern methods, using practically inexhaustible textured and coloristic diversity, can achieve special expressive properties for the entire room. Decorating the walls, you can get not only the most individualized space, but also make it comfortable, beautiful and functional.

Idea for bohemian brick wall decor using knitting yarn

Good to know! Do-it-yourself room décor - decor techniques, bedroom decor, bathroom ideas, children's room decoration.

The drawing in the sports theme is perfect for decorating a teenage boy's room.

Wooden cuts in the interior of the hall, decorated in the style of rustic

But apart from the decorative value, decorating walls with their own hands will help to solve purely practical tasks. Varying different colors, using decorative coatings, placing the elements of decor, you can hide some small surface defects. So, you can delay the need for redecoration with minimal time and financial costs.

Effects of blurring paints, created with the help of paints, sprays and sponges, will help to hide all kinds of irregularities of the walls

Wall decor ideas are limited only by the imagination and style of your room. In order to harmonize the walls with the rest of the interior, one should adhere to the general stylistic orientation of the room. Consider which wall decor options are best suited for a particular style.

Panel on the wall of natural materials in the design of a spacious living room

Oriental style living room

Wall design in the hall: Provence

Currently, one of the most popular styles in the interior is considered to be Provence. It is characterized by the following decor elements:

  • simultaneous simplicity and elegance;
  • light shades of the interior;
  • abundance of decorative elements in the form of rustic flowers;
  • prevalence of pastel shades.

The design of the walls in the hall can safely use the common features of the Provence style. The simplest option to decorate the walls is to stick them with plain wallpaper, decorated in pastel colors.

Gentle pastel style Provence

Beautiful fresco in the interior of the bathroom, decorated in the style of Provence

Monochromatic walls can and should be decorated with various objects characteristic of the general style of placement. On the photo - decor with colored paper tape

If this seems too simple and boring to you, then this monotony can be diluted with picturesque wall plates. Ideally, the pattern on them will be patterned, and the main motive will be wild flowers. The composition of the plates can be diluted with small paintings depicting flowers or lavender fields of Provence - this will emphasize the stylistic orientation of the interior.

Decorations from natural materials in ecostyle

Decorating the kitchen wall with colorful plates

The original decision of the wall decor sheets with notes

A panoramic mural from family photos will add a sense of coziness to the room.

Tip! If you have souvenirs from overseas trips in the form of plates, then they are ideal for decorating walls.

A beautiful panel of pearl shells will make the interior unique

Different patches of fabric can be placed in embroidery hoops of various sizes and placed on the wall.

Design of the walls in the bedroom: modern

Another style, which has recently become more and more adherents, is modern, adapted to the conditions of a modern city apartment. It is characterized by the following solutions:

  • the presence of tortuous lines and shapes;
  • a variety of colors with a predominance of red, green and brown colors;
  • the use of decorative elements such as stucco, stained glass, bas-relief, etc.

If your bedroom is designed in this style, then the walls should match it. Adherence to this direction emphasizes reproductions of paintings by famous contemporary artists, randomly hanging on the walls. You can also decorate the walls with various shelves, on which you can arrange accessories that are appropriate for the style: antique books, patterned photo frames, curved candlesticks.

Stencilled drawing in the interior in modern style

Simple but original ideas in a modern interior.

Paper butterflies serve as an excellent decor for the dining room wall in a contemporary style.

Pay special attention to the mirrors that can complement the design of the walls in the bedroom. They will not only increase the room, but when framed by their patterned frames will fit perfectly into the interior.

Mosaic wall of hexagonal clinker tiles do it yourself

Vintage souvenirs and modern paintings on the bright red wall of the room in the bohemian style

Stencil for the walls do it yourself

If you think that the decorations in one of the styles are not original and want something more individual, then if you wish, you can decorate the walls with your own hands using different patterns.

One of the most popular themes are butterflies. They are a kind of application, because the stencil for the walls with their own hands can easily be made independently of scrap materials.

Thanks to the stencil, without having special drawing skills, you can make the interior bright and modern

Stencilled drawings and interior stickers - an easy way to decorate a wall

Bright kitchen interior in eclectic style

Beautiful hall in the style of minimalism

Multicolored Stencil Peas - Giant Confetti

For this you will need the following materials:

  • stencil (can be found on the Internet or draw yourself);
  • cardboard or fiber paper or film (depending on the expected effect);
  • scissors;
  • glue, clothespins or thread.

An interesting combination of bright butterflies and a rough concrete wall in the living room interior

Delicate white paper hand-made butterflies

Colored paper butterflies for decorating children's room walls

Small living room wall decor with metal drops

Then we form a pattern of butterflies. You can arrange them randomly or lay out in a certain sequence, for example, in the form of a spiral.

It is better to first fix the picture on paper, and then transfer it to the wall. To do this, it is better to use a pencil, which you need to put thin lines, denoting places for attaching butterflies.

Colored paper stencil

Design of a cozy bedroom in cold colors

Butterflies can be fixed using the following popular methods:

  • with glue;
  • by pin;
  • using threads for which butterflies can be hung.

Beautiful placement of butterflies on the living room wall

Tip! Beautiful butterflies of various sizes will look beautiful, as if they are ready to fly away into an open window.

If you used fiber paper or film and fixed the butterflies in the middle, then the effect of weightlessness will be created, in which the butterflies will flap their wings from any wind, like living ones.

Interior sticker - alternative to butterflies: a flock of birds on the wall

The choice of colors of butterflies depends mainly on the overall color of the room. You can pick up the image as the tone of the wall, and contrast. You can use as one butterfly, and several. In a similar pattern, you can decorate the walls with flowers made of paper.

Wall decor in the nursery

Of course, you can decorate any room in the apartment. But most of all the options for decorating the walls offers exactly the nursery. There is no need to limit your imagination. After all, when decorating a children's bedroom, the main thing is not to follow any stylistic decision, but to create the most beautiful and comfortable room for the child so that she pleases him every day and is not boring. Wall decor in the nursery should be fun and creative.

The work can include all family members and, if possible, also the child himself. The following are some types of decoration that are perfect for a child's room.

Minimalistic decor panels on the wall in the children's room

Panel do it yourself in the interior of the children's room

Drawings on the walls in the apartment with their own hands, photo

The most obvious, but no less suitable option for decorating a nursery is to use a variety of patterns. Here you should follow one rule: use bright, saturated colors.

Wire wall decorations in the teen room

Tip! Do not be afraid that you are not an artist. Remember how you painted when you yourself were a child. The main thing - to do it with all my heart and with love. Your child will appreciate it!

A painted tree with pink fabric flowers is perfect for the decor of a little princess's room.

Marker paint will allow children to decorate the walls themselves with their drawings

As a last resort, if you do not have your own ideas, you can use special services, such as, for example, Etsy or Wallfry, on which you can find many plots for inspiration (as in the photo).

You must agree that these simple drawings look no worse than any modern art nouveau picture. Pictures on the walls in the apartment with their own hands, photos of which can be found on the Internet, are suitable not only for the nursery, but also for any other room, the main thing is to choose the right color scheme.

Having painted the wall of the children's room, you will not only make the interior more beautiful, but also fill the room with care and love

Wall decorations

A great alternative to drawings can be applications and hand-made paintings. For their manufacture any suitable material will suit: colored cardboard, paper, buttons. Such applications can be hung instead of paintings on the walls. Another interesting option for decorating the walls of the children's room came to us from Western European countries. There it is fashionable to draw the name of the child on the walls or to use large volume letters for this.

Or you can make your own bright garlands.

Tip! Discard the paper: - it will be an extra dust collector. Use fleece fabric instead. The child will appreciate its softness, and you - that it can be washed.

You can decorate the walls of any room with bright, thin garlands and pompons of knitting threads

Just sew a garland from different pieces of fabric - and the decor is ready. And it is better to entrust this work to a grandmother — she will surely be pleased to make something for her beloved granddaughter or grandson. Decorating the walls with photographs that depict bright moments from the life of a child is also an excellent option. You can arrange a professional family photo shoot and put pictures in the original frame.

Another option is to make a shop window of a child’s favorite books. Wall decorations can be combined using items your child likes.

Decorative plaster do it yourself

If the previous options for decorating walls require imagination and perseverance, then there are ways in which the implementation of which will require basic technical skills.

A wall plastered with a mother-of-pearl finish is decorative in itself. It can be supplemented by hand-made interior decorations.

A beautiful combination of wicker plates and gray walls in the interior of the kitchen

First, you can plaster the walls deliberately rough (ideal for a room in a loft style). Secondly, you can use a material with pearl shimmer. Decorative plaster with their own hands can acquire a special charm if you use your creative ideas in the process of wall finishing.

If an artist has woken up in you, then you can decorate the walls in another modern way. To do this, you need acrylic paint, brushes and fantasy. From the latter depends on where to draw, how to do it and what exactly to depict. The main thing - do not get carried away too much, otherwise your picture may not fit into the overall style of the room. If you doubt your talent, then do not despair. You can simply buy ready-made stencils that allow you to easily transfer even the most intricate design to the wall.

The combination of white and gold: a stencil pattern, polyurethane pilasters and a neobarochny chair in a modern room

Everybody can paint a wall with his own hands, but it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of a painting. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, as well as its style. Images stretching upward can significantly increase the height of the room, and long horizontal patterns will expand the space.

Wood wall decor

No less relevant is the decoration of the walls and the kitchen. The decor of the walls with a tree here will look appropriate. You can use full wall cladding with wood panels or use partial inserts with log cabins. Wood, unlike many other decorative materials, can be functional. The walls can be supplemented with wooden cutting boards or with figures cut from various types of wood. Often this option is used in the arrangement of hunting and rustic style. You can complement the tree with modern design details.

Live kitchen wall decor and wood trim

Live wall decor do-it-yourself

Carved wooden paintings, once very popular in the homes of our grandparents, are now back in fashion

Wall decoration with decorative deer heads is becoming increasingly popular. They can be ordered on the Internet, but much more interesting to do it yourself. To do this you will need one of the following materials:

  • plywood;
  • papier mache;
  • gypsum;
  • yarn;
  • cardboard.

Plaster or real heads of large animals: bold brutal decor. Another popular variation with them is the same, with colored patterns of neon and acid colors.

To understand this technique in detail, watch the following video:

If this seems too complicated and time-consuming, you can find an easier option. Nowadays it is fashionable to decorate the walls of the kitchen with a large number of hanging shelves made of various materials: glass, wood, metal. Place on them bright collages, a collection of masks from different countries or, finally, family china. The hostesses will appreciate that, in addition to the decorative designation, the shelves are also functional.

Decorative wall plates made of natural materials

How to decorate the wall with your own hands

If the listed options for decorating walls with your own hands do not like you, you can choose another decoration. No less original decorate the wall with plaster. For this you need to make a bas-relief of the finished plaster putty.

You will need the following materials:

  • 50 x 100 centimeters thick cardboard;
  • painting tape;
  • emery paper;
  • gypsum putty;
  • acrylic paint;
  • primer;
  • plaster stack;
  • knife;
  • putty knife;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • brush;
  • spray gun;
  • scraper.

Decorating a wall with plaster in a loft-style kitchen interior

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Put a piece of cardboard on the surface and draw on it a prepared pattern. Cut out the resulting stencil.
  2. Glue the template to the wall using masking tape. In the hole stencil put a pre-cooked mass of gypsum plaster.
  3. Аккуратно отклейте трафарет как только заметите, что гипс начал схватываться.
  4. Заполните гипсом пустоты в рельефе, используя штукатурный стек.
  5. Сбрызните водой из пульверизатора получившийся рельеф и аккуратно смоделируйте его при помощи кисти.
  6. Rub the surface with sandpaper and a scraper. To do this, wait until the bas-relief dries.
  7. Make the surface of the resulting relief stronger. To do this, it should be soaked with varnish-primer.
  8. Paint the entire wall with the entire ornament using acrylic paint. It is better to apply in two layers.

"Prehistoric" bas-relief with petrified fish and ammonites

Metallic flowers in pearl color

Children's drawings as an element of the wall decor of a modern kitchen

The game of contrasts in the design of the veranda of a country house

Wall decor with glass plates and a picture in pencil

Letters from tin sheets

Do-it-yourself wall decoration: modern wall decoration

Modern wall decoration allows you to experiment with materials and colors. A variety of styles and the use of new technologies in the manufacture of decorative elements has opened up many opportunities for creativity and improvement of rooms of any size.

The decor of the walls in the bathroom with your own hands can be made attractive due to the variety of finishing materials. Of course, first of all it is worth noting the decoration of the walls with tiles, which are produced in various shapes and colors. Combinations of different types of tile will create a unique design. Also attractive on the walls in the bathroom looks mosaic. It is not necessary to lay out it in the form of a picture, you can simply combine the colors of one range. No less attractive in the bathroom look mirrors on the walls.

Elegant mosaic panel will make the interior of the bathroom irresistible

The decoration of the walls with mirrors is not necessarily able to do with only one copy. It is worth thinking about using a mirror to divide a bathroom into functional areas, which is a very common method of decoration among designers. It is possible to use mirrors not only in a bathroom. They decorate bedrooms, hallways and even kitchens.

Hallway wall decor with honeycomb mirrored tiles

Do-it-yourself wall stickers are a modern way to quickly create an attractive design for any room. This decor is made of vinyl. You can make it using special patterns. Pictures for stickers are often posted on the Internet, so finding them is not difficult.

Another modern design solution is the foam wall decor. With the help of special tools and patterns you can cut various figures that will harmoniously fit into any room. An interesting solution would be a combination of foam panels, painted in the same color scheme.

Know-how in interior design - 3D-decor for the walls. The most common are wallpaper with a volumetric effect. Also volumetric 3D applications from paper or plaster look attractive. You can create them with the help of patterns, and if you have your own ideas, then you can easily express your imagination in decorating walls. Also do not forget about the light in the performance of panels of nails and thread - they are also extremely effective and unusual!

Pictures of nails and threads (this direction is known as string art) can be done directly on the wall

Separation of recreation area and desktop using wall decor with wooden slats and planks

Thus, there are many worthy ideas that can be applied when decorating walls with your own hands. They do not require huge cash investments. The main thing that is required of you is fantasy and the desire to create and equip your home!