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25 designer gizmos that look so cool that I want to buy them all


Design has an important place in our life, because it is thanks to him that we like or dislike these or other things.

Designers are working tirelessly to the product, which will lie on the shelves in the store, attracted the attention of buyers, and they would like to buy it.

If you like original design creations that not only look cool, but also function, then you have come to the right place.

Household Irrigation Wrap

Bite charging cable attachment

A chair that will always support

Tiles for Tetris lovers

A dresser in which everything is in its place

Table "soars" on balloons

Chairs like butterfly wings

Support for books and a lamp made in the form of ... lamps

Superhero Book Holders

Almost transparent chair

Keyboard for tablet

Office table with swing chairs

You have to sacrifice volume, but this is a cup-donut!

Bottle holders that look like spilled wine

Watering juicer

Cozy chair for the backyard or cottage

Ladder is not for the faint of heart

The table at which it is convenient to work

Nozzle on the bottle, from which you can water the dog

Stand for toothpicks in the form of yoga, which sits on the nails

Floating glasses for wine

It seems that this is a 2D lamp

Coasters that look like painted cups

Those dinosaurs from the unloaded page in Google Chrome

This blender works while you pedal.