Useful ideas

9 hidden features plastic bottles that will appeal to any hostess


You should never hurry and throw away absolutely unnecessary things at first glance.

And especially plastic bottles, because with a little effort with them you can almost work wonders.

Using a few simple tips, you can make a lot of useful and fun inventions that will not only greatly simplify everyday life, but also help you spend less.

1. Focus with eggs

With this advice, the kitchen routine will be much easier and more enjoyable.

In many recipes, it is required to separate the protein and yolk. But the procedure is not simple. Yes, and not very clean. However, all these shortcomings can be quickly corrected if you use a plastic bottle. To implement this life hacking, you need to break an egg into a deep plate. Take a plastic bottle, remove the cap from it and slightly squeeze the plastic in the center. Without releasing, you need to aim the open neck at the yolk and unclench the bottle. The resulting traction will separate the yolk from the protein without any special effort. Very easy and convenient!

2. Stylish pencil case

Very useful things can be made from a plastic bottle if you include a little imagination.

It is not necessary to buy all stationery in the store. For example, a case can be made independently from improvised means. Namely, using only two plastic bottles, an unnecessary zipper from clothes and a glue gun. It is necessary to cut the bottom from each bottle of the same diameter, one small height for the lid, and the second one more, to the height of pencils, pens or felt-tip pens, which will then be stored in a pencil case. Each part of the glue gun glued its own part of the zipper. When dry, you can use.

3. Feed dispenser

Extra plastic bottles can be used for the benefit of pets.

The holiday season begins soon, but for someone it has already arrived. And someone just spends too much time at work or at their summer cottage, leaving their beloved pet for a long time at home. So, such a thing as a pet food dispenser in such cases will definitely not be superfluous, especially as it is very easy to make. To do this, you need only two plastic bottles, preferably with flat edges, and scissors. "Do it yourself" as always on top.

4. Budget garden sprinkler

Great stuff, practical, inexpensive, and most importantly easily replaceable.

In order to provide your summer cottage with modern devices, it is not necessary to spend money in the store. You can make a spray for the beds with your own hands from improvised means. For this life hacking, it is necessary to pierce a plastic bottle with an awl or a nail in several places, but only from the top, and the side that lies on the ground should remain intact. After such simple manipulations, you only need to connect a garden hose to the neck of the bottle.

5. Homemade air conditioning

A very simple device that will significantly increase personal comfort.

Homemade air conditioning is very easy to make using just a few plastic bottles. Advice relevant to saving and comfortable well-being in hot weather. Pour water into bottles and freeze them in the freezer. And then we put them in front of the usual fan and enjoy the cool air.

By itself, the fan just drives the hot air and does not give any refreshing effect, but with the bottles it will be much better. Do not forget to put a towel or a suitable container under them, because the ice will sooner or later begin to melt.

6. Plastic Bottle Fence

It is amazing what can be made from simple material that is thrown away every day in any house.

If you want to do something more substantial with your own hands, the fence will be the most suitable option. It is quite possible to build it from plastic bottles, if you show a little patience and collect a sufficient number of pieces.

About two two-liter bottles are required for two meters of such an original fence. To give it strength, you can use a wooden beam or plastic box. It is easy to attach bottles to wood with small screws with a flat head, and you can simply solder them to the plastic.

Homemade garden bed.

If you do not want to bother with the fence, but the idea came to taste, in the country of plastic bottles can be organized is not such a grand, but still useful structure: a bed for plantings or an improvised greenhouse.

8. Insect trap

Bees and wasps will no longer disturb you with such a useful invention.

To protect yourself from flying pests, you can use a simple trick. Cut the bottle in half, and then fill its bottom with sweet syrup (for example, lemonade, honey, diluted in water, or a sweet drink). Then place the top part upside down in the bottom half of the bottle so that the neck is pointing down. Wasps and bees will not resist the sweet treat, and then they will not be able to get out of the bottle.

9. Umbrella holder

Convenient case and a minimum of effort ...

Great life hacking for the car. In order not to soil the car with raindrops and not to dissolve dampness, you can use the bottom of a plastic bottle for storing an umbrella. You can put it in the cup holder or hang it in the back of the driver’s seat.