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Important tips: how to save on electricity bills


Paying bills is probably one of the least enjoyable activities.

Many fear the monthly reminders that a substantial part of the hard-earned money must be given immediately.

In fact, there are various ways to save some money on electricity bills.



Depending on where a person lives, he most likely uses an air conditioner or heater to create a comfortable living environment. When using these devices, electricity bills are growing almost geometric progression. How can you save at the same time.

1. Ensure cleanliness and ventilation.

This is important: keep air vents open and clean.

Many who do not even suspect that in the house there is a whole system of air flow. It is necessary to call the master to make sure that all ventilation openings are open and not clogged.

2. Ensure adequate air access.

This is important: to ensure adequate air access.

Basically it means - you need to make sure that nothing blocks the air conditioner or heater. If a large sofa, bookcase or shelf stands in the way of the air flow, this will mean that the effectiveness of the device essentially drops by half. And in order for the room to become fresher (or warmer), the device will have to work much longer.


Washing machine in the interior.

Washing clothes in itself is an annoying task. And if you add to this and huge bills for electricity, the wash becomes doubly hateful. It turns out that you can save money on a washing machine.

1. Reduce the washing temperature.

This is important: reduce the temperature of the wash.

The company LG Electronics has recently published the results of a study, according to which 90% of energy consumption during washing falls on water heating and on the use of a dryer. If washed in cold water, it will significantly reduce the numbers in the accounts. And even if you do not use the dryer, and hang laundry on the balcony in the old fashioned way ...

2. Do not overload the dryer

This is important: do not overload the dryer.

Excessive use of the dryer is very inefficient. Often the clothes are semi-dry, after which people start the dryer again. It is necessary to remember a good rule - to fill the dryer costs only 75%, leaving free space.

3. Wash clothes at night

This is important: wash clothes at night.

This mainly concerns those who live abroad. To reduce power consumption during peak hours, many electric companies offer discounts at night. Needless to say how much cheaper it will be to wash at night.


Dishwasher is convenient.

The principles of saving money on washing dishes are actually similar to how you can save money on washing. Basically, you just need to turn down the temperature and not overload the dishwasher.

1. Lower the temperature

This is important: reduce the temperature.

Most of the money spent on electricity for the dishwasher is spent on heat. Many dishwashers use a dry heated wash that can be turned off. Easier and cheaper to buy detergent.

2. Properly load the dishwasher

This is important: properly load the dishwasher.

If you put the plates in the car, it will help save money on electricity bills. You need to make sure that all the plates are placed on the bottom, and deeper bowls and cups on top of them, and this and that is upside down. In this way, proper flow of water can be promoted. It is also worth making sure that the detergent is strong enough to shorten the washing time.