Useful ideas

20 inspirational examples of wooden wall decorations that add style, warmth and comfort to an interior


What can trim the mills? Of course the tree.

This is the most obvious, but not the worst option.

Moreover, the decoration of the walls with wood can be one of the most stylish and practical solutions. What yes how we look in this review.

1. Classic wood panels

Wood panels are widely used for decorating rooms.

2. Durable and environmentally friendly product

Emphasis on one wall covered with dark wood.

3. In rustic style

The wall in the bathroom, trimmed with different types of wood will look great in rustic interior.

4. Decorative boards in the interior

The most economical way is to use facing decorative boards for wall decoration.

5. The most common building material

The wall, covered with wood, fits perfectly into any style and interior.

6. Wood wall decoration

In the decoration of wood, every element is important - from the type of wood to the size and shape of the panels.

7. Aesthetics and attractiveness

The wall is sheathed with wooden panels of different shapes, which provide a favorable indoor climate.

8. High-quality and spectacular wall decoration

Environmentally friendly view of the wall decoration in a modern bedroom interior.

9. Decorative wood wall paneling

Wooden panels on the wall allow you to visually enlarge the space of the nursery.

10. Harmonious combination

With proper decorative walls, wood panels should be in harmony with all elements of the interior.

11. Warm and cozy atmosphere.

Wood wall decoration makes the room cozy and warm.

12. Wood panels

Decorating the wall with decorative wood panels is one of the most practical, but expensive options for finishing the room.

13. Lining the interior of a country house

Decorative panels made according to European quality standards.

14. Ecostyle

Wooden boards and properly selected lighting are in harmony with eco-style.

15. Professional bathroom design

Covering the walls with wood in the bathroom requires special efforts and professional look.

16. Wooden boards in the interior

A room decorated in a rustic style with the use of precious woods.

17. Not only fashionable, but also practical.

Warming rooms using wood panels of light wood.

18. Country Style Living Room

Country style involves the use of wood in the interior.

19. Oak boards in the interior

The use of oak boards in the interior of the bathroom is an affordable, but expensive option for wall decoration.

20. Wooden decor

The varnished covering allows to keep natural gloss of wood.