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Ways to clean the carpet from clay at home


When there are small children in the house, the stuck plasticine often remains on the carpet after the game. To remove it, housewives often use methods such as freezing or, conversely, heating with an iron. Use alcohol, acetone, solvent or vegetable oil. It all depends on how this sticky mass is stuck, how much it rubbed on the carpet and how long it lain on the pile.

Nevertheless, it is the occupation of modeling that develops fine motor skills, imagination and creative thinking in a child. Sometimes the room simply turns into a workshop where the kids with pleasure make various figures from plasticine. But how unpleasant, if everywhere on the floor are these sticky pieces of different colors. And if you accidentally step on them, the clay is rubbed tightly into the carpet.

Therefore, it is important to consider in detail the basic methods of cleansing this sticky mass.

The composition of plasticine

To know how to tear plasticine, how to remove the stain, which was formed from a very small piece, it is necessary to study its composition. As a rule, it is based on clay, which was cleaned in a special way. Next, to make it elastic, clay was mixed with paraffin, wax or fat. An indispensable component are dyes, because the clay plates must be of a bright color.

Thus, the stain has a fat structure, and the same paraffin will help us to cope with such a stain. All the methods used are very similar to those that we use when dealing with glued gum.

Cold exposure

You are lucky if the clay smeared in the winter. Then you just need to take out the carpet in the cold, wait until the substance hardens, and then pick up the stuck mass with a sharp object. In the warmer months, you can take pieces of ice and impose a stain. Wait for the pieces to freeze, and also peel them off from the nap. But the ice should be placed in a plastic bag so that when melting the water does not fall on the clay mass. Keep such a bag in a dirty place should be no more than 20 minutes.

In the case of very oily clay, multi-colored spots may appear on the pile. To get rid of them, you need to take a gauze swab or a piece of cotton, moisten it with alcohol and wipe dirty places. The direction of friction should go from the edge of the spot to its center.

Alcohol tinctures are great helpers in the fight against traces of markers, ink and markers.

Of the chemical preparations, the ICEMIX spray, which has a cooling property, has proven itself well. The stream of this tool is sent to the stuck mass, and already frozen clay is easily removed with a knife.

Similar properties have such means: "Chewing Gum Removers", Swiss Pramol GUMEX "and" ANTI-GUM ". They do a good job with the contaminants left by gum, glue, bitumen and clay.

The basic rules for the use of such sprayers and solutions are set out in the attached instructions, which should be well studied.


If the baby managed to rub the plasticine lumps well on the carpet, i.e. you can’t take anything away with your hands, the cold is unlikely to cope with the task. Therefore, we need a hot way to remove stains: ironing through a light cotton fabric.

Hot Iron Cleaning Steps:

  1. Place the carpet or carpet on a flat surface, so that the stain is at the top.
  2. Take a few white fabric pieces, 2 of them put on the inside of the carpet just below the stain. And the other 2 - on top right on smeared clay.
  3. Heat the iron to 1 or 2 graduations on the thermostat and iron the napkins with a little pressure.
  4. As soon as the fabric becomes dirty, and clay clay sticks to it, change it to a new one.
  5. The remnants of the mass removed with alcohol.

Attention! Before proceeding with this cleaning, you need to make sure that the pile does not stick to the iron and does not melt. Check it out by ironing a small patch of carpet in an inconspicuous place. It is forbidden to use an iron for glue-based carpets, otherwise the product can be thrown away!

Peeling with vegetable oil

This method works well, but its disadvantage is that after the procedure, the carpet will have to be washed. This can help liquid dishwashing.

Steps for removing oil stains:

  1. Remove from the pile all the clay, which can tear off.
  2. Dip a piece of light-colored fabric in sunflower oil and rub the dirty place.
  3. Rolling into lumps, plasticine is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a regular broom.
  4. Clean the fatty area with the liquid we use to clean the dishes.

Sunflower oil is so effective that it helps to remove pieces of chewing gum from the children’s played hair. The entire removal procedure involves wetting the stuck gum with oil, gradual sticking and washing the hair.

Oil Purification

These methods are, of course, effective, but they have many drawbacks. In general, housewives try to use gasoline, white spirit or simple acetone, sometimes they try to use nail polish remover. All of them have a pronounced unpleasant smell, which can cause poisoning.

Therefore, before proceeding with the removal of the plasticine mass with such liquids, it is necessary to open the doors and windows and remove children and animals from the room. Now you can proceed to the manipulation:

  1. Check. Determine if your carpet will not shed, or if villi from such liquids deteriorate. Apply the solution to a small area of ​​the carpet and carefully look at it. If you notice changes in color or composition, it is forbidden to use these fluids.
  2. Application Apply a sponge soaked in gasoline to a dirty place. Wait about 20 minutes.
  3. Uninstall. With a dry cloth, try to remove all traces of adhering mass. Act gradually, moving from the edges to the center of the spot.
  4. Washing. After these actions, use a sponge and soap to clean the stain until it disappears completely. Then rinse the carpet with plain water.

Handgum: smart clay refined hardest

This chewing gum is gaining popularity among children more and more. Depending on its heating in the hands and the force used by the kids, making figures of it, the clay mass changes its composition. But if Handgum gets into the pile of carpet, it is much more difficult to clean it than ordinary clay.

In this case, you need to know one clever way, which is suitable for clothing, which got pieces of this gum, and for the carpet.

First about clothes. Since there is silicone in the composition of this material, we will try to clean this stain with an automobile wiper or isopropyl alcohol. Initially try to remove the remnants of smart clay, as far as possible. Then pour the stain with a wiper or isopropyl alcohol. We are waiting for 5 - 10 minutes. The solution is able to quickly melt Handgum. It will remain only with the help of light-colored fabric to remove the pliable mass.

To remove this plastic mass from the pile of the carpet, it will take more time and effort, because this sticky tape has spread and penetrated to the very foundation of the carpet. And to the inner threads is very difficult to reach.

Cleaning procedure:

  1. We turn the carpet inside out and wait for the whole clay to stack down.
  2. We unstuck everything that we can remove from the pile.
  3. We place a cup with alcohol under the place of contamination and dip the place where a dirty stain has formed. After 5 minutes we mnem this site. The melted plasticine should slowly drain into a bowl.
  4. Turn over the carpet. We clean the remains of the gum with a toothbrush, which we regularly dip into the soap solution.

Attention! You can not clean the wiper for the car and isopropyl alcohol products based on synthetics, since the solutions can damage the pile. Then the thing will be hopelessly flawed. In this case, can help only dry cleaners. Only they know how to professionally deal with such pollution. When giving the carpet to cleaning, do not forget to say that the carpet is dirty Handgum.