Useful ideas

Stylish and functional design ideas that will inspire you to upgrade your own kitchen.

From time to time, it is worth thinking about updating your kitchen design. This should be done only after appropriate preparation. In particular, it is worth getting acquainted with the most suitable options for the design of this room.

In this review, several incredibly interesting specimens were collected, which appeared relatively recently.

1. Exquisite style

Elegant kitchen in sandy colors.

The elegant interior of a small kitchen, decorated in unobtrusive sand tones, with a modern ergonomic suite, kitchen apron, stylized marble, thick long curtains, charming round table and beautiful soft chairs.

2. Custom design

Stylish kitchen with photo wallpapers.

The mind-blowing interior of the kitchen with a laconic kitchen set, standing along one of the walls, a massive dining table made of wood, stylish chairs, open shelves and wall murals, which became a key detail of this space.

3. Spring motives

Kitchen-dining room with green accents.

Wonderful kitchen with a modern suite, wood-styled, classic table, long curtains, green chairs and an arch made of plasterboard, which separates the food unit from the dining area.

4. Lavender field

Charming cuisine in lavender tones.

A wonderful interior of a small kitchen decorated in lavender tones, with an angular glossy set, an oval table, an armchair and an original design of an apron.

5. Embodiment of elegance

Kitchen in white and lilac tones.

An amazing kitchen with white walls, a figured stretch ceiling, a wonderful lilac suite, a snow-white corner sofa and a classic dining table.

6. Stylish detail

Decorative stone in the interior of the kitchen.

Simple and at the same time stylish interior of a small bright kitchen with cabinets, wood-styled, modern dining table, green chairs and a wall decorated with decorative stone.

7. Bright design

Bright design of a tiny kitchen.

The bright design is tiny with a functional yellow set and an apron decorated with small black and white tiles.

8. Natural motives

Kitchen with natural wood details.

The laconic design of a small kitchen with light walls, a rounded suite, a round glass table, unusual chairs, a bright apron and an abundance of natural light wood details.

9. Sea azure

Unusual kitchen interior in turquoise tones.

Stunning kitchen interior in turquoise tones with a large white suite, a round table and chairs made of transparent plastic and an accent wall lined with wood and decorated with inlays imitating live grass.

10. Laconic style

The laconic design of a small kitchen with wood-lined walls.

The stylish and laconic interior of a small kitchen with lots of bright cabinets with absolutely smooth facades, a table and a sofa of irregular shape, and dark wooden panels decorating the walls and ceiling.

11. Tidy space

Neat kitchen in white color.

Wonderful bright kitchen with modern ergonomic cabinets, placed along the wall by the window, a large dining table, elegant chairs and brickwork decorating one of the walls.

12. Parametric design

Complex geometric shapes in the interior of the kitchen.

The magnificent interior of the modern kitchen, made in the style of bistro, with black brick wall decoration, black and white suite, an unusual table, a bench by the window and the original design of the accent wall and ceiling.

13. Combined space

Kitchen combined with balcony.

An interesting design of the kitchen, combined with a balcony, where it was possible to combine the food unit with appliances and a variety of lockers, a dining room with a dining table and chairs, and a seating area with a cozy sofa and lots of pillows.

14. Smooth lines

Modern kitchen with original furniture.

Spacious light kitchen with an angular rounded headset, a round table with a wooden worktop and a charming semi-circular sofa of a pleasant lime color.

15. Dazzling whiteness

Small white kitchen.

Tiny bright kitchen, decorated in a totally white color, with a laconic set without extra furniture, a small round table and a pair of chairs.

16. Neutral tones

Modest kitchen in neutral colors.

The discreet interior of a small kitchen, decorated in neutral colors, with a comfortable suite, a pleasant coffee color, built-in appliances and a few well-chosen decor items.

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17. Contrast duet

Kitchen in white and red.

Luxurious kitchen, decorated mainly in white, with bright accents in the form of an apron, decorated with red tiles, chairs with scarlet legs and backs, as well as bright red curtains.

18. Dark tones

Small kitchen in dark colors.

A bold design of a small kitchen with a compact black suite, an apron decorated with brown ceramic tiles, a round wooden table and three elegant armchairs.

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