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Sleepy kingdom: 18 fascinating bedrooms with a special charm


The attention of readers even more wonderful examples of how a bedroom can be equipped.

After all, this room is one of the most intimate places in the house. Arsenal design examples should be regularly updated, because there is always something to improve and finish.

1. Balinese charm

Bedroom with Balinese motifs.

Spacious bedroom in which the atmosphere of a country villa soars with an original accent wall, decorated with multi-colored wooden panels, a large bed, made to order in Bali, and a small nightstand in oriental style.

2. Stone loft

Bedroom in loft style.

Spacious bedroom, in which miraculously managed to combine rough brick walls, wooden panels and heavy curtains separating the bedroom area with a large white bed from the dressing room, decorated in industrial style.

3. Gray nobility

Calm interior in gray tones.

An elegant bedroom decorated in gray and white with a brick wall at the head of the stylish double bed, a hanging desk and a cozy seating area by the window.

4. Bright eclecticism

Bright bedroom in eclectic style.

Bright and extraordinary space with bookshelves, decorating the gray wall at the head of the large comfortable bed and an abundance of stylish decor elements that make this bedroom dynamic and elegant.

5. The magic of white

Snow-white bedroom interior.

A small bedroom decorated in white, which increases the size of this modest space, with a large bed of light wood, a curved ceiling and a black and white painting on the wall at the headboard.

6. Industrial style

Bedroom with elements of industrial style.

Atmospheric bedroom decorated in bright colors, with a massive bed in vintage style, an original drawer of the drawer, a fluffy carpet, a creative harmonica lamp and an abundance of black and white pictures mixed with yellowed newspaper signs on the walls.

7. Circles

Playful bedroom interior.

A charming bedroom with an original round bed, niches and a composition of round mirrors on the wall.

8. Pleasant combination

Bedroom in blue tones.

Elegant modern bedroom decorated in sandy and blue tones, with original shelves made of plasterboard, a false ceiling and an elegant bed.

9. Eco-style

Tiny eco-style bedroom.

Wonderful interior of a tiny bedroom, decorated in eco style, with original wall decoration and a sleek bed made of light wood.

10. Dreamy space

Fantastic bedroom in gray tones.

A magnificent bedroom decorated in noble gray tones with a window in the wall, a modern bed, a chandelier in the industrial style, a mirrored curbstone, two bright ottomans, a wonderful carpet and a funny picture on the wall, which became the main detail of this stylish and cozy space.

11. Modern style

Spacious bedroom in modern style.

Spacious modern bedroom with a luxurious bed, covered with white leather, black textured wall, a spectacular picture, a suspended chair in the form of a hemisphere, original lighting and an unusual carpet.

12. Modern classics

Stylish bedroom in a classic style.

Cozy space with gray walls, a modern double bed, two dark wooden sideboards, heavy brown curtains, fluffy white carpet and original shelves in illuminated niches that make the interior warm and mesmerizing.

13. English style

Bright bedroom in the English style.

The discreet interior of a spacious bedroom in the English style with a minimal set of furniture and decor, elegant curtains, an unusual fireplace and monochrome wallpaper with a floral print, decorating the wall at the head of the bed.

14. Elegant darkness

Elegant bedroom with dark walls.

Elegant bedroom with dark graphite walls, white floor and ceiling, luxurious black bed and amazing ceiling lights.

15. Mosaic color

Bedroom with a geometric print on one of the walls.

Extraordinary space with a low bed, an open wardrobe and a fantastic design of the accent wall, decorated with a colorful geometric print.

16. the moon

Small bedroom with a spectacular design of one of the walls.

A small bedroom with a large modern bed, dark curtains and spectacular wall murals with a realistic image of the moon, which became the highlight of this space.

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17. Stripes

Stylish bedroom with a striped wall.

Wonderful bedroom with laconic furniture, an accent wall decorated with a striped print and original shelves that look like stairs.

18. Podium

Bed on the podium in the interior of a small bedroom.

The tiny bedroom is a white and blue bedroom, the entire space of which was occupied by only one bed on a wooden podium with high shelves.

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