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20 examples of transforming furniture for a small apartment


The traditional review devoted to the organization of space and comfort in a small apartment will help decide which furniture is best used in such a home.

One of the best options could be the use of so-called "transforming" furniture. We look at specific examples.

1. Two in one

The original chair-lamp is a great option for furniture without transforming mechanisms.

2. Coffee table-transformer

Coffee table, which at any time can be turned into an ordinary shelf.

3. Multifunctional wall

Transforming wall, which easily turns into a mini-office or a small bed.

4. Cabinet table

A wardrobe transforming into a table is an unusual and useful find for owners of a small apartment.

5. Cabinets, organizers

Organizer cabinets are often used as additional storage.

6. Original and unusual piece of furniture

Modern design of a functional transforming chair.

7. Folding table made of wood

Folding wooden coffee table will help to significantly save space in a small apartment.

8. Shelving transformer

A small shelving that easily transforms into two chairs and a table.

9. Bright furniture

Compact rack transforming into a complete dining set of furniture.

10. Built-in table

The folding dining table built into the wall is practical and easy to use.

11. Pool table

Dining table, which, if necessary, can be turned into a special table designed and equipped for playing billiards.

12. Transforming chair

A bud-shaped transforming chair designed by young designer Freya Sewell.

13. High-tech bedroom

Modular furniture-transformer is an ideal opportunity to maximally functionally furnish the interior of a small apartment.

14. Ergonomic bed

Comfortable bed, which is transformed into a small wooden table

15. Rollaway bed

Additional space in the one-room apartment will help to save the transforming furniture.

16. Transforming table

Wooden coffee table, which can be transformed into a full-fledged dining table.

17. Bed with secret compartments

Unusual bed with several secret compartments for true spy lovers.

18. Table that changes shape

The original kitchen table, which is equipped with several hidden sections.

19. Multifunctional table

A folding table will help solve the problem of the lack of office space in a one-room apartment.

20. Bed rack

A folding bed in a one-room apartment is most welcome.