Useful ideas

19 charming ideas of creation and decoration of lamps


Light is one of those elements that should be given special attention during home improvement.

Especially when it comes to fixtures.

A new review will shed light on exactly which ideas are best used to achieve maximum comfort.

1. Flowers

Lampshade, decorated with flowers.

A metal hoop lampshade decorated with many artificial flowers strung on fishing lines will be a unique decoration of the girl's bedroom or living room and bring the spirit of spring and freshness into the interior.

2. Paper figures

Lampshade decor paper figures.

You can make a charming lampshade from two metal hoops, thin wire or fishing line and small figures made of colored cardboard, which will be a unique decoration of any room.

3. Colored glass

Lampshade with pieces of colored glass.

The frame of the old classical chandelier can be refreshed by decorating it with thin strips of colored glass that will reflect light, creating a rainbow mood in space.

4. Beads and ropes

Chandelier, decorated with beads and twine.

A stylish chandelier in vintage style with a lampshade decorated with beads and coarse twine will perfectly fit into the interior in the style of Provence, shebbi chic or boho.

5. Bright beads

New life of a classic chandelier.

Refresh the look of a classic old chandelier with strings of bright beads that can be used to decorate its frame.

6. Bottles

Ceiling lamps from bottles.

Empty wine bottles can be turned into original and stylish plafonds that will perfectly fit into any modern space and become its noticeable detail.

7. Garbage

The shade of the keys to the cans.

Creative lampshade, which can be made by hand from a metal hoop and a set of keys to tin cans.

8. Alternative use

Chandelier of the drums.

The original chandelier of the drums, which have fallen into disrepair or are fed up, will be the perfect completion of the interior of a musician's room or just a creative person.

9. Banks

Ceiling lamp of glass jars.

A stunning cascade lamp, made of small glass jars, hung in an original way, will be a real highlight of any modern interior.

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10. Cardboard

Bright lamps made of cardboard.

Bright lamps with cardboard lampshades, which are easy to do with your own hands, will help to decorate and refresh the boring interior for just a penny.

11. Kitchenware

The lamp from a colander.

Wonderful hanging lamp for the kitchen, which can be made from the old unnecessary colander for fruit, light bulbs and cartridge.

12. Bark

Shades of bark.

Delightful small lampshades made of bark will become an atmospheric decoration of any room and bring warmth and comfort to the interior.

13. Shine

Brilliant lampshade.

A brilliant and very delicate lampshade made from a base ring and a multitude of circles cut from thin paper.

14. Particles

Lamp shade of fishing line and beads.

A delightful lampshade, which can be made of two metal rings, connected with thin black fishing line with beads strung on it.

15. Tea set

Chandelier from the tea service.

Tea set can be used to create a stunning chandelier that will be a worthy decoration of the kitchen, living room or veranda.

16. Threads

Creative ceiling of the thread.

Stylish ceiling for the creation of which will require only a bright yarn, a plastic bottle, glue, a cartridge with a wire for chandeliers and light bulbs.

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17. Pineapple

Table lamp in the form of pineapple.

Bright original table lamp with a shade in the form of pineapple, which can be made of ordinary plastic spoons, painted in yellow.

18. Shabby chic

Chandelier in the style of chebbi chic.

A stunning example of the transformation of a conventional bulb with a cartridge into an original chandelier in the style of a chebbi chic.