Useful ideas

20 great ideas of organizing space in a small apartment


For the attention of readers even more great ideas on how to organize a small-scale space in your home.

Certainly, each of the examples cited here is in its own way good and useful, which means you can try to adopt it.

1. Bed - the central element in the interior

In a small bedroom, a bed can be a central element in the interior.

2. Minimalist entrance hall

Some small hallways can only hold coat hooks on the wall and a small shoe cabinet.

3. Modern furniture in the interior

Living room with a classic round wooden table made of lacquered ash and transparent chairs made of ABS plastic.

4. Corner drawers - the hostess's dream

Practical corner boxes today are able to solve the problem of saving space in the kitchen through the use of corners.

5. Visual increase in space

The entrance hall will become visually larger if one decorates one of the walls in the room with a large mirror.

6. Living room with many decorative elements

A small living room in bright colors and with a lot of decorative elements that looks perfectly neat.

7. Multifunctional metal shelf

The toilet can be equipped with a small metal frame, in which it will be convenient to store toilet paper and various small items.

8. Cabinet in the back room

If it is possible to allocate a few square meters in the apartment under the utility room, then it can be turned into a stylish and comfortable office.

9. Compact modular furniture in the interior of the nursery.

Modular furniture for a small children's room should be reliable, multi-functional and easy to transform.

10. Properly decorated living room

A small living room in which the space is properly organized.

11. Equal replacement

In a small living room, a large sofa can be replaced with a pair of comfortable chairs.

12. Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe, in contrast to the traditional design, has several significant advantages.

13. Great place to relax and have a good time.

A small room, which is not only a place to store books, but also a room for rest.

14. Successful zoning of space.

Unusual decorative elements that make a small living room into a spacious and comfortable room.

15. Wardrobe in the bedroom

An ordinary metal pipe and wooden shelves will allow you to create a wardrobe even in a small bedroom.

16. Original design solution

Bright lime accent is an excellent solution for a small bedroom.

17. Corner cupboards in the kitchen

Another classic version of corner cabinets in a modern kitchen interior.

18. Dressing room in the living room

Dressing room, which is equipped in the living room, you can curtain the usual curtains.

19. Compact placement of furniture in the nursery

Compact placement of furniture will significantly save precious square meters.

20. Mini-office in the closet

Compact office that can be placed in an old cabinet.