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Stylish balconies whose interior inspires change.


Balcony - this is not necessarily the place where you can perhaps keep potatoes and building materials left over from the last repair in the house.

The attention of our readers two dozen incredible design options for a balcony, each of which will push to make it even better and the rest of the house.

1. Comfort zone

Narrow loggia with an armchair.

The laconic design of a narrow loggia with green and beige walls, a comfortable armchair, thick Roman curtains, plants in stylish pots and an abundance of black and white paintings on the walls.

2. Eclectic

Stylish balcony in eclectic style.

A stunning balcony with a striking black and white tile on the floor, black ceiling and walls, a compact round table, a corner sofa of rich blue and soft panels decorating the walls next to it.

3. Spring mood

Simple open balcony design.

A simple but very cozy interior of an open balcony with a small bench, decorated with bright furniture cushions, a small round table, a beach umbrella for sun protection, many shelves and an abundance of various plants in pots.

4. Elegant design

Elegant interior loggia.

An elegant loggia with panoramic windows, snow-white walls, a folding table, a marvelous sofa of noble blue color and an original picture of a classical chandelier, which became the highlight of this space.

5. Provence

Provence style balcony.

Modern loggia with a bar.

Laconic interior of a standard narrow loggia with imitation of brickwork on the walls, a wide window-sill-bar counter, a moderate amount of original decor items and a pair of creative high chairs.

7. Tropical oasis

Tropical style balcony.

Nature lovers will surely like this, a green balcony, with wicker furniture, a wooden bench and an abundance of unusual decor items.

8. Calm atmosphere

Laconic design of the loggia in gray tones.

A narrow loggia decorated in gray tones, with a simple wooden table, two chairs and a lot of decorative details, is what is needed for emotional gatherings over a cup of tea or coffee.

9. Total white

Snow-white interior loggia.

A narrow loggia with snow-white walls, a narrow window sill that serves as a bar counter, and two stylish white armchairs.

10. Light and grace

Charming bright balcony.

A modest balcony, decorated in bright, neutral colors, with a compact sofa, a folding table and a decorative shelf, will be an excellent place for secluded relaxation.

11. Makeup room

Balcony with dressing table.

Bedroom, combined with a balcony, equipped with a cozy dressing room with a dressing table, mirror box and high-quality lighting.

12. The magic of the tree

Open balcony lined with wood.

The wonderful design of the open balcony with a long corner bench along the railing will be a great place to relax among friends.

13. Cabinet

Bright cabinet on the loggia.

Stylish design of the cabinet, equipped on the loggia, with a bright work desk, which effectively stands out against the background of dark walls and the floor.

14. Sofa

Loggia with a huge sofa.

A stunning loggia with light walls, several shelves for books and a stylish red sofa, which occupies most of the space.

15. Minimalism

Loggia in white and gray tones.

Stylish design of a narrow loggia decorated in a minimalist style, with light walls, an accent wall, a contrasting gray armchair and an ottoman.

16. Sleeper

Cozy loggia with bed.

A bright, cozy balcony with a compact bed and a bookshelf is a great place for solitary relaxation and reading.

17. Fresh space

Narrow loggia with blue walls.

A narrow loggia with blue walls, a tiny built-in sofa and thick curtains to protect the space from the sun.

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18. Accent wall

Modern balcony with an accent wall.

A modern balcony with an accent wall decorated with wooden hexagonal tiles, a functional sofa and a laconic coffee table.

19. Modern style

Loggia in modern style.

A stylish loggia decorated in a modern style with a comfortable armchair, a floor lamp and an accent wall lined with textured violet panels.

20. Scandinavian style

Loggia in the Scandinavian style.

The bright Scandinavian style loggia with a bright yellow table, a bookcase and a modern office chair will surely appeal to the owners of small apartments.

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