Useful ideas

Ideas for storing things with which everything will be in its place and always at hand


Every time you try to find this or that thing, you ask yourself: where can it be, and despite the fact that often most of the things you need right now are right in front of your nose.

Yes, only we do not notice this diligently either because of our fatigue and absent-mindedness, or because the house is in a global mess and everything is not in its place. To avoid such excesses, you just need to arrange everything on the shelves, based on the need and significance of the items.

1. Use tension rods to hold shoes

Special tension rods for storing shoes.

Another ingenious way to better use the walls: buy tension rods and hang them in a nook for easy installation of a rack for shoes.

2. Use clothes hangers

Open clothes hangers.

If there is not enough space in your closet for your wardrobe, it doesn’t matter - use clothes hangers, they perfectly provide additional storage space. And also take advice from the professionals: hang up on the open rack all the necessary things that you are going to wear in the near future, this will not only save you time for fees, but also ensure order in the apartment.

3. Store towels in rolls

Store towels properly.

This idea of ​​storing towels will not only make your closet neat and tidy, but also saves space, which means that you can place more bed linen in a cramped area.

4. Use special panels or walls for storing small items.

Organizers, dividers for things.

Do not forget that in any, even the smallest cabinet, order should reign. Therefore, as far as possible, learn to divide things among themselves, fencing off them with special organizers in the form of cells or special separators. This will help you save space and organize things by separating underwear from socks, etc.

6. Use baskets for things.

Boxes and baskets for storage.

Alternatively, if you do not have enough space in the box, use an additional organizer in the form of a basket or a box for sweaters and other items that you do not want to hang or stretch.

7. Use a dresser as a bedside table.

Chest storage.

For additional storage, use a small chest of drawers as a bedside table. After all, this is just the perfect place to store off-season clothes, extra sets of sheets, accessories and much more.

8. Hide extra pillows in or under the bed.

Hide all the excess in the bed or under it.

The one who has thought up to create the lift for your bed - the genius. Thanks to this niche, now you do not need an extra wardrobe for bedding and pillows.

9. Use bookshelves

Use bookshelves not only for their intended purpose.

Open shelving requires the right combination of organization and style. Start by placing the necessary things, such as baskets and books, on the shelves, and then add some stylish decor items and accessories where there is room.

10. Do not litter the apartment

Trash can.

Place a small decorative wastebasket near the bedside table so that labels, checks and price tags do not clutter your dresser, bedside table and other surfaces.

11. Multifunctional headboard

Use the space around the bed sensibly.

Surround your bed with small shelves and a shelf to make it an ideal place to store various things.

12. Store off-season clothing in drawers.

Drawers and baskets on wheels.

Learn to keep off-season things out of sight, but at the same time so that you can always just get them if necessary. Use for these cases, drawers or baskets on wheels, thanks to which access to clothes, shoes or bags, hidden away from human eyes, will be as easy and comfortable as possible.

13. Use the organizer

Organizer for small things.

Instead of cluttering your bedside table, hold a notebook, glasses and technical devices closer using compact organizers, some of which are easy to install even on the side ledges of the bed.