Useful ideas

17 ingenious devices that will be useful to all pet owners


It is difficult today to find a house in which there would not be a single pet. It is for this reason that every self-respecting master should think about how to make his little beast better, and save himself from a significant amount of headache for one thing.

These modern and incredibly useful devices and accessories can help to achieve these goals.

1. Aquarium

Functional aquarium.

A small tabletop aquarium with a clock, a timer, a calendar, a music speaker, an LED lamp and a case for stationery will be a beautiful and functional decoration for your desktop.

2. Simulator

Running track for dogs.

The treadmill for dogs of small and medium breeds will be fun entertainment for your pet, and will also help to cope with a lot of problems arising from the sedentary lifestyle, which is often led by pets living in an apartment.

3. Automatic feeder

Automatic feeder for dogs and cats.

An automatic feeder with a sufficiently capacious feed tray and a timer will not allow your pet to remain hungry even if the owners are not at home.

4. Steps


A ladder that allows your pet to easily climb on the bed or on the sofa and also easy to descend.

5. Built-in feeder

Built-in bowls.

The design, consisting of two bowls embedded in the wall, is the perfect solution for people who love order and save living space.

6. Drinking fountain

A fountain with drinking water.

A fountain with drinking water that is activated when a pet presses on it with its paw.

7. Bakeware

Baking dish for dog treats.

A special form for baking healthy and tasty treats in the form of pits, which will undoubtedly delight your four-legged friend.

8. Bicycle basket

Bike basket for pet.

A stylish and safe basket that will allow you to take your little four-legged friend with you on a bike ride, not worrying that he will fall out or jump out while driving.

9. Camp Chair

Camping chair with a place for a dog.

A compact camping chair with space for a small dog is a great purchase for lovers of fishing or outdoor recreation.

10. Porthole

Porthole in the fence.

A special window that looks like a porthole, which is inserted into the fence, allowing the dog to observe the surroundings.

11. Cat's house

House for cats.

The original design with a house, an artificial tree and several shelves for sleeping and active games.

12. Bed for cat

Pillow for sleep.

A cozy couch, made in the form of a pillow with a hole in the center, will surely appeal to a domestic cat and will become a favorite place to sleep.

13. Automatic toy

Automatic ball thrower.

The automatic ball thrower is a brilliant device that will entertain a four-legged friend while the owner is busy or during his absence.

14. Hammock

Cat's hammock.

A small hammock for the cat, which can be fixed under the table or under the chair, thereby organizing a cozy place to rest a fluffy pet.

15. Glove-shower

Glove-shower for washing dogs.

A unique device in the form of a silicone glove with spikes, holes and a water supply hose, allows you to quickly and easily wash a large breed dog.

16. Comb

Chesalka for cats.

Unusual device for domestic cats, which consists of a small stand-claw and a stiff brush that will make the hair smooth and give the animal a lot of pleasant sensations.

17. Carpet Cleaner

A device for collecting wool.

A convenient device that will help you easily and efficiently clean carpets and upholstered furniture from pet hair.