Useful ideas

Effective ideas to help optimize the space in a one-room apartment


Studio apartment is usually not the most spacious human habitat.

In such housing, there is a very acute shortage of free and usable space.

This problem can be solved not only by changing the apartment, but also by properly optimizing the available space.

1. Shelf bed by the window

The bed at the window in a classic style combined with a small open shelving.

2. The combination of the table and sofa

The original combination of the table and the sofa, which in fact will be the best option when decorating the living room.

3. Modular wardrobes in the bedroom

Closed wall modular furniture that will help to optimize the space and clean up a small bedroom.

4. Transforming bed

A bed that easily hides in a niche under the floor is an excellent solution for a small apartment.

5. Drawers

Drawers for storage of dishes and preservation, which will help to efficiently use any free space, even in a small kitchen area.

6. Retractable bunk bed

A simple transformation will transform a spacious room into a comfortable bedroom.

7. Toothbrush Holders

Aluminum caps can be customized design for toothbrushes.

8. Drawers under the sink

In the space under the sink, you can place a roomy cabinet with several drawers.

9. Organizers for cosmetics

Small organizers of transparent plastic for cosmetics, toothbrushes and other small things can be placed on the door of the cabinet in the bathroom.

10. Magnet for storing cutting tools

Magnetic tape for storing cutting tools that are designed for drilling holes in various materials.

11. Bedside wooden shelf

Simple and laconic bedside shelf, which can be the most real find for any interior.

12. Organizer from the louver door

From the old louvered door, painted in a bright yellow and light shade, you can get a functional organizer for storing pans, towels and small kitchen utensils.

13. Workplace in the living room

The original rack will be a great alternative to the usual workplace, which occupies a lot of free space, and will be the ideal solution for a one-room apartment.

14. Built-in sleeping module

Built-in sleeping module in a country-style room, which is perfect for an apartment with a free layout.

15. Workplace in the closet

So that the workplace does not take up much space in a small room and does not spoil the interior of the living room, it can be hidden in a closet.

16. Wardrobe at the head of the bed

A sliding wardrobe at the head of the bed is a cool idea for a small bedroom that is worth noting.

17. Berth above dressing room

A bed on the second floor above the dressing room will significantly save space in a small apartment.

18. Optimization of space

The original and, perhaps, the simplest solution for optimizing space in a one-room apartment.

19. Sleeper under the floor

Another idea is the location of the bed under the floor in a small apartment.

20. Door Organizer

The wooden door can be used as a small organizer for clothes, jewelry and small household accessories.