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15 very strange, but extremely useful in the kitchen gadgets that every hostess will appreciate


Today, the market can find a huge number of "smart" kitchen gadgets that are "friends" with a smartphone and can do much instead of the hostess. And there are just cute and even funny devices that will surely have a place in each kitchen. Kitchen gadgets that are collected in this review are united by the fact that they are somewhat strange and at the same time extremely useful and will surely give a good mood to all households.

1. Cubic eggs

Funny kitchen gadget: cubic eggs.

Those who are an ardent admirer of Lego or Cubism, should definitely get this gadget. It allows cubic boiled eggs to be made.

2. Mini-microwave

Funny kitchen gadget: microwave.

If a person likes picnics, but is too lazy to make a fire and cook, the following absolutely miniature microwave oven is ideal for him. It will make it easy to cook your favorite camping snack without fire at all.

3. A rocking chair for a jug

Funny kitchen gadget: rocking chair for a jug.

The gadget "Roll N Pour" acts as a kind of rocking chair for a jug with juice or milk. It will eliminate the need to strain, raising the jug (or package) and pouring a drink out of it.

4. Pacifier "Pac Man"

Funny kitchen gadget: oven mitts "Pac Man".

These silicone mittens offer an unusual alternative to traditional oven gloves. Of course, modern children may not already know who the "Pac Man" is, but certainly a smile will be provided during cooking.

5. Alligator grater

Funny kitchen gadget: grater-alligator.

This fun kitchen grater has handles, each of which has the shape of a half crocodile head. When not in use, the tool can be folded, after which the grater will look like alligator teeth.

6. Corn cleaner

Funny kitchen gadget: corn cleaner.

This thing looks like a ring that is put on a corn cob, after which they just need to hold along the cob. In this case, all the grains will be carefully cleaned.

7. Contactless thermometer

Funny kitchen gadget: miniature non-contact infrared thermometer.

This small infrared thermometer is very convenient because it does not need to contact with food to determine its exact temperature (the error is about two degrees Celsius). The gadget is great for travel.

8. Sandwich biscuit stick

Funny kitchen gadget: a wand for sandwich cookies "Oreo".

As you know, Oreo pastry sandwiches need to be dipped in milk before use. In this case, inevitably get dirty hands. "Dipr" - stick, something like a stick for selfie, which has a semicircular grip, perfect for cookies. Now you will not need to do it with your fingers.

9. Spice Gun

Funny kitchen gadget: a gun for seasoning.

Why do you need to add seasoning with your hands, if it can be done with a special revolver. Such a "weapon" will be convenient to take with you on a picnic. Also, you will not have to worry that the seasoning will end, as the revolver comes with two reusable "cartridges".

10. Rack for bacon

Funny kitchen gadget: rack for bacon.

Many people love fried bacon, but few know that it can be cooked much faster than usual in a skillet. On a similar rack, similar to linen, you can hang slices of bacon, and then just put it in the microwave.

11. Cube for ravioli

Funny kitchen gadget: a cube for ravioli.

Those who make their own homemade dumplings, know how difficult it is to mold them by hand. This task can be simplified with the help of such a handy tool, which simultaneously creates four magnificent dumplings.

12. Smart tray for eggs

Funny kitchen gadget: smart tray for eggs.

The high-tech Egg Minder can synchronize with a smartphone so that the user can find out how many eggs are in the fridge with a single touch of the screen, which eggs have already expired and much more. This is Facebook ... for eggs.

13. Spaghetti Fork

Funny kitchen gadget: spaghetti fork.

Why chew spaghetti on your own fork if the cutlery can do it yourself. You just need to plug this plug on the batteries into the pasta and press the button on the handle. A separate advantage is that the plug has a removable head that is easy to clean.

14. Oil Cutter

Funny kitchen gadget: oil cutter.

This clever tool allows you to apply perfect layers of butter on any dish that is cooked. You just need to press a button, and an ideal plate will be cut from the bar of oil.

15. The egg separator

Funny kitchen gadget: egg separator.

This yolk extractor solves one of the most frustrating cooking puzzles. The tool can suck egg yolks out of eggs. Then they can be poured into another bowl.


Bon Appetit Egg Separator.