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18 living rooms that conquer with their sophisticated style and modern design


The theater begins with a hanger, and the house - from the living room. In this room I welcome guests, the whole family gathers here at the end for and on weekends, and for someone the living room also becomes a dining room or a cinema hall.

Therefore, this room has special requirements. In this review, interior ideas that will help make the living room really stylish and modern.

1. Dazzling whiteness

A small snow-white living room.

A small living room with white trim and furniture that does not clutter up, but rather expands the space, and a couple of bright accents in the form of a yellow lamp and colored ottoman.

2. Modern design

Modern design living room with elements of minimalism.

The modern living room with white ceramic tiles on the floor, a small gray sofa and the original design of the TV area - a real embodiment of simplicity, elegance and comfort.

3. American style

American style living room.

Wonderful living room, decorated in a modern American style, with a wallpaper of a pleasant mint color, laconic furniture and well-chosen accessories.

4. Natural materials

Modern living room with natural motifs.

The stunning interior of the modern living room has a wooden floor, an accent wall decorated with wood, elegant white furniture, a low coffee table and a large aquarium embedded in one of the walls.

5. Yellow parts

Bright living room with a bright sofa.

Narrow living room with snow-white walls, wooden floors, gray stools, an armchair and an impressive soft sofa of yellow color, which became the main detail of the space.

6. Classic chic

Modern living room in classic style.

The restrained and elegant interior of the living room with laconic white walls, exquisite long curtains, carpet, classic coffee table, luxurious semicircular sofa and a soft armchair of a pleasant brown shade will definitely appeal to those who adhere to the classical style.

Tropical style living room.

Dynamic and cheerful interior of the living room with a bright tropical print on the wall, a green sofa and contrasting fuchsia details.

8. Minimalism

Living room in minimalism style.

The minimalist interior of a small living room, decorated in the Scandinavian style, with a small gray sofa, a small coffee table, plasma TV, narrow side tables and the original design of the window sill.

9. The atmosphere of freedom

Asymmetric living room with a bright design.

Interesting interior of the living room with an unusual layout, the walls of which are painted white, with a small sleeping place and a seating area, which consists of a small sofa, two bright chairs, a small coffee table, original carpet and many small accessories that make this space exceptional and extraordinary.

10. Paris Charm

French style living room.

A cozy living room with a TV area decorated on a contrasting brown-tinted wall, a small white sofa and wonderful black and white shots of old Paris.

11. Non-standard solution

Custom living room with a bright design.

A non-standard living room with a spectacular concrete ceiling, white walls, wooden floor, a full-wall cabinet standing on one single yellow leg, and a large original sofa of white and blue color, which has become a key part of this space.

12. Aged style

Stylish democratic interior narrow living room.

Functional and laconic interior of a narrow living room with an accent blue sky wall, a working area with a narrow table-shelf, a comfortable gray sofa, a compact transforming coffee table and a large hanging rack.

13. Studio apartment

Stylishly decorated living room in a small studio apartment.

The magnificent interior of the living room, separated from the rest of the space by an angular rack, with a laconic L-shaped sofa, a small round table and a spectacular black and white carpet, which became the central part of this space.

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14. Atmosphere of calm

Wonderful design of a bright living room.

The discreet interior of a small living room, decorated in a muted white color, with the original design of the ceiling, black carpet, small coffee table, cozy sofa and a narrow console table, which can serve as a dining or work area.

15. Solar attic

Eclectic style living room.

Stunning interior of the living room, equipped in the attic with a non-standard layout, in which we managed to combine several different types of decoration and place completely different-sized furniture to create a cozy space for the whole family.

16. Glamorous atmosphere

Living room in modern style.

A stunning modern living room decorated in bright colors with a luxurious white carpet, an elegant dark sofa, stylish armchairs, original round tables and a creative lamp.

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17. Total white

Living room, decorated in a total white color.

Amazing living room, combined with a balcony, decorated in total white color, with a laconic working area, a corner sofa, a classic coffee table, an original shelf and river pebbles, which makes this space extraordinarily light and fresh.

18. Tropical motif

Living room with an accent wall in a tropical style.

The living room with gray walls, a stylish TV area, a white sofa and an accent wall decorated in a tropical style that has become a real highlight of the interior and diluted the excessive calm of this space.

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