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11 handy tips to help clean your blinds effectively


Those who have blinds at home or at work know how much hassle is cleaning them.

Horizontal blinds are sure to get confused, or even bend, with vertical ones, too, is not easier.

We have collected 11 practical tips that will help clean the blinds from dust and dirt and at the same time not spoil your mood.

1. Wooden blinds

Cleaning wooden blinds.

Wooden blinds do not like moisture. For this reason, for regular cleaning it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a dry brush that can easily cope with dust and light dirt. And for the fight against more serious stains suitable means for cleaning wooden furniture.

2. Nippers for cleaning

Blinds tongs.

Soft brush tongs are a wonderful invention that allows you to quickly and efficiently wash horizontal and vertical blinds on both sides. Such a device can be purchased at a hardware store or do it yourself with meat tongs and two soft towels.

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3. Combating dust

Cleaning the blinds from dust.

Quickly clean the blinds from dust and plaque will help the old sock. Just put it on your hand and wipe the slats, if necessary - change the sock.

4. Express cleaning

Express cleaning using active foam.

Quickly and efficiently wash heavily soiled blinds will help the means for contactless car washing. Simply remove the blinds from the brackets, place them in the bath, apply active foam and leave for two minutes. After the time has elapsed, the blinds should be rinsed with running water and wiped dry with a clean microfiber cloth. This method of cleaning is considered the most simple and effective, as there is no need to wipe the lamella manually, but this kind of automotive chemistry is not cheap and such washing can undermine the family budget.

5. Vertical plastic blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds made of plastic.

Vertical plastic blinds can not be twisted into a roll and washed in a typewriter. They should be washed on the same principle as horizontal aluminum models on the window using detergents. Simply mix the water with a spray with a small amount of detergent, spray the solution on the slats, leave for a couple of minutes, and then wipe each strip of plastic with a damp sponge.

6. Cloth blinds

Cleaning textile blinds.

To clean the fabric blinds of high quality, remove them from the fixings, free them from weights and cords, fold the strips together, roll them into a roll and soak in the basin with the cleaning solution for half an hour. After that, wipe each lamella with a soft kitchen sponge, let the strips dry naturally and hang into place.

7. Washing blinds

Washing of blinds "Day-night".

Day-night blinds look very stylish and very popular with consumers. However, due to the unusual design, it is rather difficult to clean them with high quality. Perhaps the best solution in such a situation would be to wash such curtains. To do this, remove the blinds from the eaves and soak in plenty of water with detergent for half an hour. At the end of time, the curtain must be wiped with a damp sponge, parallel to twisting it into a roll. After the water is drained, the blinds can be hung in place.

8. Bamboo Blinds

Care for bamboo curtains.

Bamboo blinds need special care as they are afraid of sudden changes in humidity. For regular cleaning of these curtains, a vacuum cleaner or a dry brush is best suited. And get rid of serious pollution will help napkins dipped in the means for cleaning wooden furniture.

9. Nicotine stains

Fighting nicotine stains and yellow patches.

To clean metallic or plastic blinds from nicotine stains and yellow patches, aerosol cleaners for automotive plastic can help. If nicotine stains have not yet had time to enter and have a light yellow tint, a strong soda solution will help to clean them.

10. Wet Wipes

Blinds cleaning with wet wipes.

Use wet wipes to quickly and easily clean the blinds from dust and stains. Wipes do not leave stains, and the slats after that do not need to be washed and wiped.

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11. Dust protection

The use of antistatic agents.

After washing, wipe the slats of the blinds with any antistatic agent for furniture. Such a trick will protect them from dust and will somewhat delay the time of the next harvest.