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20 bathroom design ideas with a shower


To be objective, in contrast to a bedroom or a living room, there are not so many options when reworking a bathroom. After all, with limited space, it is necessary to preserve the functionality of the room. However, the designers and here found a few loopholes. Many suggest replacing baths with showers, thereby freeing up space for useful accessories. We have collected 20 examples of functional and stylish showers that will radically change the idea of ​​an inexpressive bathroom.

1. Shower stall of decorative marble

Decorative marble - an ideal stone for a shower cabin where usually the increased level of humidity is.

2. Effective space zoning

It is possible to effectively zone the space in the bathroom by placing a corner or rectangular cabin or erecting a partition.

3. High impact glass

For the purpose of safety when creating a modern shower stall, shock-resistant glass is used.

4. Chrome shower

Stylish chrome shower in the marine interior of the bathroom.

5. Light colors and shades in the bathroom interior

To the situation in a small bathroom does not cause discomfort, it is better to use light colors and shades for decoration.

6. Mirror surfaces in the bathroom

Mirror surfaces will make the room visually wider.

7. Open shower cubicle

The original modern interior of the bathroom with an open shower.

8. Spacious shower cubicle

Instead of a small bath it is better to install a spacious glass shower.

9. Curtains in the bathroom

To save space in the bathroom, you can use sliding curtains instead of a stall.

10. Shower cabin with hydromassage

A modern hydromassage shower will help you relax after a busy and hard working day.

11. Functionality and durability

For modern shower stall, functionality and durability are important.

12. The combination of glass and wood in the interior of the bathroom

Gorgeous combination of glass and expensive wood in the interior of the bathroom.

13. Gray color in the bathroom

The traditional option is to use gray as the basis for the interior of the bathroom, which allows you to work with bright rich colors.

14. The design of the bathroom, which is breathtaking

A hi-tech bathroom will color the daily routine and give the room individuality.

15. Compact placement of a shower stall

Compact placement of a shower in a small bathroom.

16. The game of color and prints in the interior

The color play in the bathroom should be traced not only in the design of the walls, the floor and the ceiling, but also in the plumbing.

17. Mix of mosaic tiles

An amazing effect can create a mix of mosaic tiles of different colors and shades in the interior of the bathroom.

18. Contrast mosaic tiles

Another classic example of a stylish bathroom with contrasting mosaic tiles in the interior.

19. The shower cabin is bright red

Elegant contrasting shower cabin of bright red color in the interior of the bathroom.

20. Stylish and functional solution

Original shower cubicle that fits perfectly into the bathroom.