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Life hacking for the bathroom: 20 ideas for organizing and storing bath accessories


Competent organization of things in a confined space makes it less likely to avoid stressful situations. Especially if it is a bathroom.

The question of where to hide the mountains of tubes and detergents, worries, perhaps, every woman.

We have collected 20 illustrative examples that will certainly help to clean up the bathroom.

1. Organizer for bath accessories

The old cabinet can be turned into an unusual organizer for bath accessories.

2. Hanging closet with numerous shelves

A hanging closet with numerous shelves in the bathroom makes it possible to conveniently organize the storage of a large number of bath accessories.

3. Cabinet for bath accessories

Cabinet for bath accessories in the bathroom must match the overall style of the interior.

4. Old cabinet

Budget version of the alteration of the old cabinet for bath accessories, which will fit perfectly into the interior of the bathroom.

5. Case-organizer for a small bathroom

If the bathroom is not large, then it is important to place in it a cabinet organizer.

6. New life for old nightstand

The old bedside table can be used to store bath accessories and detergents.

7. Free space under the sink

If the bathroom has free space under the sink, it is convenient to use it for storing towels and other bath accessories.

8. Unusual wall cabinet

Unusual design with open and closed shelves for storage of bath accessories.

9. Built-in closet

A closet built into a niche may be the only right solution to save space in a small-sized bathroom.

10. Wide shelves

On wide shelves in the bathroom you can store towels, baskets with cosmetics, detergents and bath accessories.

11. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets that can be used to store various small items are a great solution for a small bathroom.

12. Handmade towel racks

Towel racks in the bathroom are an indispensable attribute of this room.

13. Additional shelf at the entrance

Additional shelf at the entrance to the bathroom will make the space more functional.

14. Glass jars and small buckets.

Glass jars and decorative buckets are suitable for storing cotton pads, soap and small tubes.

15. Open shelf above the door

If you equip an open shelf above the door in the bathroom, then you can easily place the bath accessories there.

16. Cabinet of expensive wood

An open cabinet made of expensive wood looks great against a gray wall.

17. Metal rack for bath accessories

A simple metal shelving for bath accessories that fits perfectly into a modern interior.

18. Long wall shelves

An unusual solution is to install long wall shelves.

19. Wooden shelves

Classic interior of a small bathroom.

20. Wall shelf under the sink

Compact and ergonomic wall shelf under the sink.