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All the advantages of high ceilings: 20 stylish examples of the functional design of the apartment


High ceilings in the apartment - this is an absolute bonus, especially in a small space.

But not everyone knows how to manage this treasure and make the interior more functional.

Thanks to the high ceilings, it is easy to turn a small room into a bedroom, living room, dining room and home office.

Sleeping place

Sleeper on the second level.

Modern interior designers often use the technique when they raise the bed to the second level. So it turns out to unload the room and get a lot of space for arranging other vital areas. Often at the first level under the loft bed organize a place to work.

A bed on the second level allowed us to organize a full-fledged home office.

It also perfectly accommodates a sofa and living area. In some cases, under the bed make a dining room or dressing room. And sometimes the bed is organized right above the door, which visually masks it and expands the usable area that can be used for other purposes. And if it were not for high ceilings, then only half of the room occupied a sofa or bed.

Dressing room under the bed.

Such a reception is appropriate in small apartments, odnushki, bedrooms, tiny living rooms and children's rooms. In the latter, by the way, you can arrange the steps leading to the bed in the form of boxes for storing things and toys.

Pluses high ceilings in the nursery.

Thanks to the high ceilings, it was possible to unload the space of the room.

A stylish solution for a small room.

An example of a bed at the second level.

A neat solution for a one-room apartment.

home library

Making your home library.

High ceilings can be adapted for storage of paper books. It is enough to equip here several open shelves. It would not be superfluous to have a ladder or ladder to get your favorite books easier. Such a home library looks stylish, original and neat, and also allows you to free part of the interior from the bulky closet or rack. It is easy to arrange such storage systems in the living room, bedroom and even in the hallway.

Convenient place to store books.

Keeping books in the bedroom.

Storing books in the hallway.

Instead of a dressing room

When the bedroom has no space for a closet or dressing room.

Not always in a small apartment there is an opportunity to organize the storage of things in the dressing room. Sometimes to allocate space for a separate utility room is simply unrealistic. Then come to the aid of high ceilings, under them should be placed shelves and rods for hangers. You can even arrange something like a rack framing the door to the bedroom. This will allow not to put in the room an additional piece of furniture and at the same time to place more things than in a standard chest of drawers or wardrobe.

When the apartment has no dressing room.

Bathroom storage

In a small bathroom or bathroom you need to use the area with maximum benefit. It is not difficult to make these rooms more functional and comfortable if you arrange shelves for storage under high ceilings. They can be folded towels, put detergents and cleaners. To make it more convenient, it is a good idea to additionally use small containers or baskets where cosmetics, hygiene and body care products fit.

Storage in a small bathroom.

Tall shelving

Tall shelving in a small space.

In living rooms with high ceilings racks on the entire wall look spectacular. Such a piece of furniture is quite capable of performing the functions of an exposition display case where you can set your favorite decorative elements, unusual vases, figurines, souvenirs brought from trips, family photos. It also harmoniously accommodates a collection of glossy magazines or novels of your favorite author.

The rack on the entire wall in the living room.

High ceilings in the kitchen

High ceilings in the kitchen.

High ceilings in the kitchen - a real gift for any hostess. Indeed, in such a room you can install several rows of kitchen cabinets at once or even make custom-made furniture. And as you know, storage systems are never superfluous. True, it will take some kind of elevation, so that the hostess could easily get to the necessary kitchen utensils. For these purposes, it is convenient to use a stepladder-stool (such can be found in the IKEA range) or the usual ladder, which can then be easily hidden by leaning against the wall behind the door or placed in the space between the cupboard and the wall.

The benefits of high ceilings in the kitchen.

The main thing is not to forget about the stairs!