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19 practical shoe storage ideas to help clean up the hallway and more


Surely, everyone faced a problem when the hallway is small, and the shoes have nowhere to put.

It creates a sense of colossal clutter "as in the Chinese school."

To avoid confusion in the hallway, it’s enough to use these practical tips, and where and how to store seasonal shoes.

1. Open shelving

Rack of ladders.

The frame of an ordinary wooden step-ladder can be used to create an open shoe rack that will hold several pairs of shoes and become a real decoration of the hallway, living room or bedroom.

2. Grate

Lattice for shoes with heels.

A large wire mesh suitable for storing shoes, sandals and shoes with heels. In addition, such an unusual storage system will become an original detail of a modern bedroom.

3. Shelves

Open shelves for shoes.

Tidy narrow shelves that can be placed under a coat rack or fastened to one of the walls of a wardrobe will help to clean up and free the shoes from the floor in the hallway.

4. Rollout shelf

Roll out shelf for storing shoes under the bed.

Several simple roll-out shelves that can be made from wooden boards or construction pallets are perfect for placing seasonal shoes and turn empty space into a convenient storage system.

5. "Pockets"

Textile "pockets" for shoes.

Original wall “pockets” for shoes that can be made of thick fabric or silicone will become stylish details of the corridor.

6. Hooks

Keeping shoes on hooks.

Several pairs of shoes can be placed on the wardrobe door. To do this you need only a thin railing and a few metal hooks.

7. Pipe Organizer

Organizer of PVC pipes.

A roomy organizer made of medium-diameter PVC pipes is a low-cost and quite practical solution for a small hallway.

8. Rack behind the curtain.

Wall shelving behind the curtain.

Compact wall rack, which can be built from two pieces of wood and rubber, suitable for storing ballet shoes, shoes, sneakers and shoes. And so that the nondescript subject is not conspicuous, it can be hidden behind a light curtain.

9. Boxes

Open storage system of boxes.

Ordinary wooden boxes can be used to create an original open shoe cabinet. This storage system will become a stylish interior detail, decorated in a rustic or Scandinavian style.

10. Bench-shelf

Bench-shelf of pallets.

A small bench with shelves, made of unnecessary pan, will become a practical and functional part of the corridor.

11. Ottoman

An ottoman with a box for footwear.

A nice padded ottoman with a hinged lid and a spacious shoe box is the perfect solution for a small modern hallway.

12. Stairs

Shoe shelf of the stairs.

A small staircase can be used as an original shelf for shoes, which will become not only a functional component of the hallway, but also its decoration.

13. Suspended organizer

Storing shoes in the economic organizer.

Cheap economic organizer suitable for placing shoes. It can be hung on the hallway or bedroom door to get a budget and ergonomic storage system.

14. Elegant wardrobe

Classic open cabinet for shoes.

An elegant open cabinet with several shelves will be the perfect solution for a classic modern interior and, for sure, will appeal to girls who take care of their pegs.

15. Inclined shelves

Ergonomic inclined shelves.

Unusual sloping shelves that can be fixed in any empty corner, will help to place a huge amount of shoes, get rid of the boxes and clean up the closets.

16. Round hanger

Round floor hanger.

Rotating floor hanger will turn your shoes into a real exhibit and will become quite practical interior detail.

17. Retractable hangers

Cabinet with retractable hangers.

This small, at first glance, stand, thanks to unusual retractable hangers, can accommodate a huge amount of shoes.

18. Moldings

Storage of shoes on the moldings.

Moldings fixed to the ceiling or on the walls can be used to store shoes with heels. Such a storage system looks quite original and will allow you to save space.

19. Hangers

Hangers for ballet shoes and slaps.

Flats and slippers can be stored on simple wire hangers in a wardrobe. If you have a lot of similar shoes, it makes sense to think about an additional railing, which can be fixed at the bottom of the closet.

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