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20 life hacking, which will help to transform the interior in any room

Sometimes there is an overwhelming desire to change something in your life.

Do not go to extremes, it is enough just to change the situation in the apartment or house.

We have collected 20 tips to help transform the interior in any room.

1. Cabinet redesign

A wonderful example of the design of a boring wooden cabinet.

2. Homemade wooden wardrobe

Homemade wooden wardrobe is more relevant for a small living room due to the limited space in such a room.

3. Spherical floor lamp

Spherical floor lamps in bright colors are designed to place soft light accents in the interior.

4. A table of inexpensive wood

The original table, made of cheap wood, will be the creative detail of any modern interior.

5. Visual increase in space

A bedroom in a small room will appear larger if there are bright elements in it.

6. Knitted baskets in the interior

Knitted baskets can not only beautify the autumn interior, but also make it extremely practical and functional.

7. Small but roomy closet

A small but roomy closet that can be used to store a variety of things.

8. Coffee table do it yourself

A great idea to help you make a coffee table from ordinary wooden boards.

9. Worktop with additional shelves

With the initial planning of the bathroom, you can think of a countertop with additional shelves.

10. Storage space under the bed.

It is under the bed that there is an empty space that can be used as an additional storage place.

11. Designer furniture in the interior

Designer wooden furniture has always been popular with professionals.

12. New life of the old cabinet

New life of an old wardrobe made of natural wood - painting in bright colors and shades.

13. Shallow rack on the whole wall.

A compact, shallow, open rack on the whole wall can solve the problem of saving space.

14. Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening in the apartment can be created using ordinary wooden slats and indoor plants.

15. Redesign of wooden chair

The classic version of the wooden chair acquires a modern character in the hands of real professionals.

16. A transforming table for a laptop

Laptop table can be used as a stand for a tablet or a book.

17. Nightstand

Bedside table, which is very easy to do with your own hands.

18. Simple wooden bedside table

Excellent bedside table, which can be easily done by hand without the involvement of professionals.

19. Closed bookcase

Choosing shelves for books as an opportunity to emphasize the basic design style, you solve the problem of not only organizing a home library, but also a very effective decoration of the room.

20. Cupboard for storage of towels and bath accessories

Excellent bedside cabinet for storage of towels and bath accessories.