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10 hidden vinegar features that you didn’t guess


Life is a delicate matter. And nobody is insured against minor domestic troubles. What should I do if the children have soiled the wallpaper, the kitchen was attacked by midges, or the sink is clogged? Scold, call pest control and call the plumber?

Not. For a start, exhale. And then arm yourself with a bottle of vinegar and solve the problem yourself. You will be surprised how many problems this simple tool solves.

Vinegar "poresya"!

Sometimes the “seven troubles - one answer” scheme really works. Proved by craftsmen and a bottle of ordinary vinegar. That is what this tool is capable of in golden hands.

1.Clean clog in sink

Vinegar and soda against clogging in the sink.

If the sink clogged, and there is no “magic powder” at hand (we are talking about household chemicals, if that), do not panic. Pour into the drain half a glass of soda, pour a glass of vinegar on top and stand back to the side. The mixture will begin to hiss, foam and generally behave threateningly. This is a chemical standard. Do not worry, but the clog will go away. Rinse off residue with running water.

2. Remove the sticker marks from the walls or furniture.

Vinegar against traces of stickers.

Unsuccessfully torn label or the habit of children to sculpt stickers on everything in a row is sometimes rather annoying. Calm, just calm: pour a little vinegar into the spray bottle, treat the "affected" area, leave for a minute, and then wipe off the sticky residue with a soft, dry cloth. And nothing about the incident.

3. Get rid of unpleasant smell from trash can

Bread with vinegar against the smell of a trash can.

Even an empty trash bin smells like an eternally disgruntled skunk settled there? It will help here such life hacking. Soak a piece of bread in vinegar, put in a napkin and send to the bottom of an empty garbage container. Leave the "lie down" at night, and then dispose of. Bread and vinegar will absorb all the molecules of an unpleasant odor, like a sponge. The same technique works for other "very fragrant" places in the house.

4.Replace half household chemicals

Half substitute for sure.

Fill the spray bottle 1/3 with vinegar, 2/3 with water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Shake well and get a universal tool for cleaning almost the entire apartment. Moreover, for a penny.

5. Get rid of the black flies

Black Apple-based vinegar fly trap.

The obsessive midges have one big weakness - love for sweets. That's what we will catch. Pour apple vinegar into a glass or bowl, cover with cling film, and pierce the small holes from the top. The blackflies will fly into a trap, crawl inward, but there will be no turning back.

6. "iron" clothes without iron

Vinegar and water instead of iron.

If you urgently need to put in order the clothes, and there is no iron at hand, mix 1 part of vinegar and 3 parts of water in a bottle with a spray. Handle the thing and leave to hang on a hanger for a couple of minutes. Large folds smoothed out as they had before.

7.Discuse a cat to sharpen claws on a sofa.

Lucidly explain to the cat that it is not necessary to do so.

Treat the furniture with vinegar and the cat will not touch it anymore. True, there is a risk that offended. But that's another story.

8. Extend the life of the flower bouquet

Apple cider vinegar will prolong the life of the bouquet.

It is a pity flowers, which even in the most beautiful vase wither so quickly? Add some apple cider vinegar to the water, shake it up, put a bouquet in there and thereby prolong its life. And to myself - the joy of contemplating the beautiful.

9. Qualitatively clean glasses

Vinegar for cleaning glasses.

A little vinegar and a soft microfiber cloth - that's all you need for perfectly clean lenses.

10. Wash the most stubborn stains of carbon on the griddle.

"Boiled vinegar" against soot.

Pour a little vinegar in a dirty pan, add more water, put it on the fire and bring to a boil. After five minutes of boiling, carbon deposits will leave with the bubbles.

Any questions? Then be sure to look at this. video.