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Festive table setting: the subtleties of etiquette and immaculate decor options

Festive table setting is not just his preparation for a gala dinner or a dinner party.

This is, above all, the creation of a particular attitude, in which the final result is influenced by the tablecloth, selected appliances, napkins, and dishes.

Of course, there are some rules of etiquette, compliance with which is strictly necessary. But the decisive factor is the taste and creativity, which as a result determine the aesthetics of the served table.

Lanterns as a decor for setting the holiday table in the style of rustic

Theme for the summer garden party: purple

Table setting in three colors

The abundance of golden edges and surfaces in the setting of the festive table

Table decoration

Festive table setting is the basis for any holiday and the creation of a festive mood among the guests. Compliance with the rules of serving is necessary for any celebration. Beautiful table setting is the key to the success of the whole celebration. Over the years, a huge number of formulas and rules have been derived, which must be followed when setting the table. Hastily placed plates and glasses, cutlery, relevant only in some cases - this is the wrong approach. You need to know a lot of nuances, thanks to which you can bring your event to the highest level.

First of all, the theme of the holiday is taken into account. Children's or adult birthday, wedding, romantic dinner or just gatherings with friends - any occasion requires a clear thought over the future table. For dinner to be unforgettable, simply delicious food will not be enough. It is necessary to dress up the hall in which the event is held, to decorate the table and pass on the festive mood to its guests. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it, since the table cluttered with dishes and decorations can cause a completely opposite impression, show the lack of taste of the hostess. The main goal is to create a positive impression in guests both about the holiday and about the owner herself.

Classic - white plates and glass transparent glasses. They are universal and harmoniously suitable for any serving.

Vintage theme and the spirit of France in the design of the table

The abundance of flowers in cool shades like peonies, fuchsias, roses - will make a festive table and tender-looking and solemn

Turquoise and natural colors in a beach-style table setting.

If this is a formal or business dinner, then it is worthwhile to stay at a neutral, fairly restrained style. If among the invitees there are only relatives or friends, then the serving can be made less official and free by using elements of decor. At the same time, the elements of decor and tableware should not only be combined with each other, but also be organically suited to the general interior of the room.

White and blue theme and large bouquet in a high vase for decorating a table for 8 people

Therefore, first it is necessary to determine the style of the holiday table. First, you need to clearly know which dishes will be on the table. From this fact it will be possible to make a start in choosing a tablecloth and napkins. After that, they choose decorative elements, such as napkin holders, flower vases and so on.

Serving rules

There is a certain sequence of actions when decorating a festive table:

  1. Tablecloth. Naturally, to begin with, it must be washed and ironed, so that there is not the slightest hint of stains and folds. Perfectly look white tablecloths - this is a classic option. Now more and more often use several canvases of contrasting colors at once, they can be bright, and can also be pastel. Metallized fabric is in fashion.
  2. Arrangement of plates at such a distance from each other, so that guests can sit comfortably and not touch the neighbors.
  3. Unfolding cutlery. How many of them should be - depends on the dishes offered and the number of guests. Spreading a full set of cutlery is not necessary. For example, you can eat fish without a special knife and fork.
  4. Arrangement of glassware - glasses, wine glasses and vases. Each of them is the decoration of the table and is very functional. It is very important that these devices are polished to a shine, without divorce.
  5. After the above steps comes the turn napkins. It is best to arrange them in special rings, put them on the holders, or figuratively fold them individually for each guest. It is allowed to use both tissue and paper napkins.
  6. Spices must necessarily have the correct location on the table, because everyone has their own taste and, perhaps, guests will want to fill in the served dish the lack of pepper, salt or vinegar. Spices should be placed in several places on the table, so that everyone can easily get them.
  7. The last thing to put on the table is snacks.

Modern style in choosing a color theme for a wedding hall decoration: spring yellow color plus slate

Dark wine glasses: very unusual and elegant

Tip! Vases with flowers (low) will be a charming decoration for dinner, both family and business.

Wedding table setting for an outdoor celebration

Mix of modernity and traditions: porcelain, gilding and central compositions with peonies

Autumn decoration of the holiday table


The plates often set the tone for the entire table, so their choice is very responsible. Solemn reception requires the purchase of new dishes. There are special rules according to which plates should be placed on the table:

  1. The edge of the table is not the best place for a dish, it’s worth 2-5 centimeters (two fingers apart)
  2. For a very special event or business presentation, it is customary to use "double plates", laying a napkin between them, in order to prevent dishes from slipping.
  3. Near the main can be put a plate for patties. The distance between them should be no more than 5-12 cm
  4. Plates need to stand clearly on the same line. This applies to both major and pie.

It is necessary to arrange the plates, immediately considering that the place will be needed for salad bowls, vases and appliances.

Dining table setting for a small family

Summer twilight, garden, romance, modest charm of wild flowers - table decoration inspired by the Cinderella story

Table setting in a maritime theme

Black and white tablecloth with pink flowers on the holiday table

Round table made of wood: it makes sense to demonstrate this countertop deliberately, without using a tablecloth


During the usual lunch, each of us uses a minimum of devices, laying them out at random. But the festive event requires a special layout and a certain number of forks and knives. When serving the knife must be placed with a blade to the plate and on the right side. Knives, as a rule, use several, therefore their arrangement at a plate is very important. The closest should be a table knife, and most of all - for snacks, between them put a knife for fish. The spoon turns upside down and lies between the knives. The fork is placed on the left side of the plate. The sequence of laying out the forks is the same as for knives: dining room, for fish and snack bar. They are put up teeths at a distance of half a centimeter from the plate.

Dessert appliances may also be required. Put them in front of a plate in the following order: knife, fork and spoon.

Properly laid out appliances on the holiday table is a very important moment.

Cutlery decorated with rosemary sprigs on wooden stands

Accurate and beautiful decoration of cutlery with fresh flowers

Cutlery, decorated in a maritime theme


Glassware plays a practical and decorative role. The shape of glasses can be appreciated by some guests as comfortable, while others simply will not be able to hold them in their hands. Such dishes also need to be able to correctly arrange:

  1. wine glasses for juice and mineral water are placed to the right of the plate or in front of it in the center;
  2. mors and kvass drink is consumed from a mug, the handle of which must be turned to the right;
  3. alcoholic beverages can be drunk from a glass or a glass, depending on the type. It is necessary to maintain a distance between glass devices of about 1 cm.

As mentioned earlier, all glassware must be polished to a shine.

Glasses of colored glass on the "autumn" table

Charming faceted glasses of two kinds and a linen tablecloth: reproduce the spirit of antiquity

Glass glasses with a gold border are suitable for a wedding celebration

Lace runner instead of tablecloth

Unusual for the design of the table monochrome gamma. Glasses of smoky glass look even exotic to some extent.

Use napkins for the holiday table

A special solemnity will be given to the table by snow-white napkins brightly decorated with decor. From them you can make some kind of figure or simply fold it in four. It is possible to choose napkins as one color with a cloth, and contrasting with it. It is very good when the napkins do not just match in color to the tablecloth, but also blend with it in texture. Now you can buy special sets of kitchen textiles, which include everything you need for serving the table in the desired style.

Usually starched napkin is placed on top of the plate or to the right of it. Fabric napkins are designed for decorative purposes, they do not promakivayut mouth. For this there is paper.

Beautiful colored napkin decorated with peacock feathers at the holiday table

Table setting with golden plates

Napkins in color tablecloth, lined with bow on plates

Inventively folded napkins in the shape of a rabbit are suitable for both the Easter table and the children's party.

Beautifully folded napkin - additional table decoration

Should we maintain the table setting in one color?

Holiday tables made in one color scheme are becoming more and more popular. Very often lately you can hear: "What color is your wedding?" or "I will have a crimson birthday!"

Blue color in the design of the holiday table

The color of the holiday should be chosen, first of all, from your own preferences. Guests are guests, but you are the hosts of the holiday, and choosing the color of the design is one of the ways to express your “I” or convey your mood.

Festive table setting with an emphasis on crimson

Registration of an easter table in gentle shades of sky-blue and lilac

... Why not choose a serving color to match your eyes?

Serving in one range is perfect for a romantic dinner. As a rule, in one, "pure" color to set the table will not work. But the use of several shades is always by the way. Red napkins, glasses and candles perfectly support the duet with a snow-white tablecloth and the same plates.

It will be interesting to look at the table in the marine style. It is perfect for a homemade dinner and gathering with friends in nature. In addition, much for this option is done by hand, for example, napkin holders with intricate shells.

Blue color in the design of the wedding table

The most elegant reception: the selection of the color of dishes and decor, repeating natural colors in bouquets in the center of the table

Table setting on the street

Absolute lucky ones who have the opportunity to organize their own celebration in the fresh air. This can be done in your own yard, in the country or on a rented site. Describe the benefits of such a holiday does not make sense. After all, this is fresh air, and stunning landscapes for photographs, and diverse potential for organizing holiday activities.

You can set the table on the street in shades of green - under the natural colors of nature, or, conversely, use the techniques of contrast. Both the first and second options will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Neutral decoration for a garden wedding party

A little mystical and very romantic atmosphere for a celebration in the open: deep purple, dishes made of dark green thick cut glass and lace runner

Blue linen tablecloths and napkins in the design of a festive table are suitable for a celebration in the summer garden

Lots of candles along the table and decor with succulents

In addition, table setting "in nature" does not require special embellishment - all the beauty, as they say, around. It uses either the home style or the contrast of nature and the "artificiality" of complex decorative techniques. Each event is considered individually, and the choice of dishes and other attributes of the festive table - too.

Decor tables with lanterns with candles and tablecloths with a pattern of "Chevron" for many seasons in a row does not go out of fashion

Festive table for a child's holiday

Children's holiday is a topic in which the flight of fantasy never stops. Children love to imagine, so you can connect the hero of the occasion to the preparation of the holiday. First you need to decide on the theme - here, too, the child will tell. After all, you need to do as he likes. Ask him what kind of cartoon or fairy tale he likes right now, and there should be no further problems with the design. At this point, professional animators distinguish three types of children's holiday themes:

  1. Themes cartoons, books and movies. It can be both classic "Kolobok", "Little Red Riding Hood", and modern "Smeshariki", "Minions" and other popular cartoons.
  2. Topics of interesting professions. Here, every child will be able to feel what he wants to be: a fireman or an astronaut, a singer or a cowboy.
  3. Historical topics. This design and table setting for children under the theme of pirates, knights, princesses or other characters.

Regardless of the theme of the holiday, you need to clearly maintain the color scheme of the table - no more than 2-3 colors. It is very fashionable to present a candy bar with sweets for guests. It can be arranged away from the main table on the coffee table or chest of drawers. It will also need to provide the correct design, which does not go against the rest of the decor. You can lay two tables - children's and adult, so as not to interfere with each other.

Option design table in the fresh air

Proper table setting for a children's party

Easter decor

For the children's holiday, you will also need cutlery, plates, glasses for drinks with straws, shelves for sweets, vases for sweets, a stand for cake, dishes and trays for desserts and snacks. You should not overload the table, first you can offer young guests to try the main course and salads, and afterwards give them plenty to eat sweets. You can change the dishes while the kids are busy playing games.

Tip! It is very convenient to use disposable bright dishes during a children's holiday. It is not necessary to wash it, and children will not be able to break it. In addition, the choice of thematic sets of dishes for children's activities - is huge.

Every holiday, even at home, can be built to a proper level. To do this, you need to know the main nuances of serving, observing that guests will be satisfied with a great evening spent and the excellent taste of the hostess.

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