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Dining room in a small apartment: 6 amazing ideas and 25 charming examples


It's no secret that in a small apartment every centimeter counts. Where to allocate a zone for dining?

How to arrange it so that it does not overload the space and be comfortable?

There are some good ideas that will help to arrange the dining area, even in the smallest apartment.

1. Engage the corners

Rational use of corners in small-sized

Angles in a small apartment is a resource of free space. You can equip them in several ways. In the first case, you will need an angular sofa or benches, which are better placed in the very corner, and put a table nearby. Alternatively, the second option is to choose a corner or round table and place it tightly to the corner, and place retractable chairs around it.

Dining area in the Scandinavian style

Neat dining area

Compact dining area in a small apartment

Cozy dining area

2. Use the bar counter

Bar counter in the interior of a small apartment

The bar counter is a powerful tool when working with small spaces. It acts as a zoning element, serves as a working surface and serves as a dining area. Its design should be concise and extremely simple. It is desirable that the chairs can completely hide under the counter and not interfere with the free movement.

Compact bar counter

Chairs are hiding under the bar

Loft style bar counter

Bar counter for a very small apartment

Bar counter perfectly zones the space

3. Refit windowsill

Dining area instead of a windowsill

In the fight for square meters, you can pay attention to the window sill. If it is tall, then you should equip it with a table top (preferably a folding one). On a low window-sill you can make seat mats of decorative pillows or blankets, and next to put a compact table. There is another option: the window sill can be removed altogether, but to the place where he was to attach a small console or a round table.

Foldable table top

Console instead of a dining table by the windowsill

Dining area at the windowsill

Dining area by the window

4. Arrange the balcony

If the apartment is really very crowded, it is worth considering the option of using a balcony. Well, if it is glazed, then you can dine on it all year round. But on the open balcony in the autumn-winter period will not be very comfortable. True, if you stock up with warm blankets and decorative candles, then dining in the fresh air will become more pleasant.

Dining area on the open balcony

Dining area on the glassed-in balcony

5. Put a round table and compact chairs

Small-sized furniture should be ergonomic, not bulky, have a pleasant shape, color and design. Ideal for a small dining room, a round table and compact chairs or stools (best folding or stackable). First of all, such furniture looks less visually, and secondly, rounded shapes contribute to the harmonious perception of space.

Small round table

Ideal furniture for a small dining room

The shape of the table can be supported by a round carpet.

Compact furniture for a small dining room

6. Choose a table-book

Table-book can often be seen in a typical Soviet apartment. Today, the fashion for this piece of furniture has returned, and is actively used by Scandinavian designers in interior design. For small rooms the table-book is a real salvation. In the folded version, it does not interfere with movement around the room, and in the unfolded it can accommodate a sufficient number of people.

Scandinavian style table

Compact table-book

Table-book is indispensable in tiny apartments