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Gross design mistakes that give out bad taste in the apartment


When the owners start repairing, they, as a rule, review a bunch of sites, go to visit neighbors or friends, but in the end decide to make something of their own.

In this review, we have compiled 17 common mistakes that should not be repeated while planning repairs in our apartment.

1. Drywall Wave

Stretch ceiling with a wave of plasterboard.

Multi-level ceiling with waves of plasterboard, which is so eagerly advertised by ambitious designers from the province, trying to fill their own worth. However, many of them do not know that this style has long gone out of fashion. Moreover, in a complex with fancy lighting, which is usually attached to such a ceiling, the proportions of the room change, undesirable shadows appear and the height of the rooms, which do not differ on large scales, significantly decreases.

2. Interspersing an artificial stone

Artificial stone on the walls.

Interspersing an artificial stone on the walls is a very unusual and complicated idea. Most often, due to poor quality materials such blotches look like bald spots on wallpaper. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to immediately abandon such a venture.

3. Drywall Doorway

Figured doorways.

Figured doorways of plasterboard, as well as ceilings look very ridiculous and pathetic. Especially inappropriate such a solution in small city apartments.

4. Pelmets and curtain installations

Tiered lambrequins.

If you enter in the search query: "elite curtains", before you open a whole world of multi-tiered pelmets, intricate grabs and all sorts of compositions from curtains. All this parade of luxury is suitable for decorating palaces, museums and theaters, but not for apartments of forty square meters.

Decorative waterfalls and fountains.

Ten years ago, the presence of a fountain at home was a sign of luxury and well-being. However, times are changing, and now the artsy room fountain or waterfall in a room or hallway is an element of bad taste and a relic of the past.

6. Arch

Arched doorway.

Arched doorways, which are so loved by the older generation, tired of the patterned Soviet interiors, have now moved into the category of stamps. Planning repair, it is better to refuse such decision which already became outdated, as well as the grandmother's sideboard.

7. Glitter

Glitter wallpaper.

There is nothing worse than wallpaper with rhinestones or sparkles. Resist with all your might, if the crow is inside you, pushes to buy those awful wallpapers, generously strewn with sparkles.

8. Lining

Sheathing balcony clapboard.

In the mid-2000s, all residents of our capital massively decorated the walls of their balconies and loggias with clapboard. Then it looked modern and fashionable, but now, when the market of finishing materials has grown, you can pick up something much better and nobler.

9. Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster on the walls.

Decorative plaster - the material is quite interesting and modern, but working with it requires certain skills. In inept hands, the stylish finish will turn into an awkward uneven mess. Therefore, if you want to save money, abandon the textured finish in favor of simpler and cheaper materials.

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10. Metal windows

White frames of metal-plastic windows.

Metal windows for a long time did not surprise anyone. However, if you intend to install such in yourself, try to take into account the peculiarities of your house and its facade. White frames of metal-plastic windows look very ridiculous in old houses, and also completely inappropriate for some interiors.

11. Columns

Columns, stucco and baroque style attributes.

Columns, stucco and other attributes of the Baroque style looks harmoniously in museums, exhibition halls and theaters. But to use such techniques in Khrushchev or Stalin is ridiculous.

12. Linoleum

Linoleum on the floor.

Linoleum is a cheap and absolutely unattractive material that has long outlived its own. Such a floor can ruin even the most stylish interior. Therefore, even being very limited in finances, do not lay such coverage on the floor.

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13. Natural finish

Excess natural finish.

Room walls, which are decorated exclusively with stone or wood looks gloomy and not too attractive. Such specific materials can be used to create accents, but not as a main finish.

14. "Starry sky"

Lamps "Star sky".

The lamp, a la the starry sky is generally a separate topic in the field of design. Typically, such lighting is in conjunction with a multi-tiered ceiling and gypsum cardboard waves, which were discussed earlier. Such lighting has nothing to do with the style and it is appropriate except that in the nursery.

15. Eclecticism

Different styles.

To create a really cool interior in eclectic style can only be done by a competent professional. And mindless mixing of elements of all existing styles in a complex with awkward furniture is called bad taste. Therefore, if you are going to save on the help of a professional, it is better to stick to one style.

16. Fireplace

Fireplace in the interior.

Fireplaces finally and irrevocably out of fashion. Install it only if it is really necessary for heating.

17. Gloss

Glossy and mirror surfaces.

Gloss and mirror surfaces are good in moderation. If you overdo it with such surfaces, you risk turning your apartment into a mirror labyrinth, in which there is not a single hint of comfort and refinement.

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