Useful ideas

Brilliant ideas that will help turn the house into a blooming oasis, even in winter


Despite the fact that winter has already arrived, no one forbids to dream of lush greenery.

And if the summer is still far away, then you can make a corner of charming flower pots now.

We have collected 18 brilliant ideas that will help turn the house or garden into a blooming oasis.

1. Vertical gardening

Pots on the wall.

A vertical garden with small semicircular pots fixed on wooden planks is a great way to decorate the facade of a country house, a shed or an empty wall on the balcony.

2. Flower rack

Rack from wooden boxes.

Wonderful homemade shelving, which can be made from ordinary wooden boxes, will be a great place to place small flower pots and create original compositions. Such a rack will undoubtedly become an original decoration of a city bedroom, living room or balcony and bring notes of freshness and lightness to the interior.

3. Bright pots

Painting of flower pots.

Color the boring plastic pots with special bright colors. Even the most primitive patterns and patterns will make the pots spectacular and attract attention to indoor plants.

4. Flowering wheels

Bright tires with flowers.

Tires painted in bright colors with flowers planted in them will be a stunning decoration that can be used to decorate the facade or walls inside the house.

5. Slate stickers

Flowers on a forged stand.

A massive wrought-wood delivery will help you beautifully place a large number of small pots with flowers and become a fantastic decoration of the facade of a country house.

7. Box

Mini flower bed from the wine box.

Unnecessary wine box can be used to create a charming mini-flower bed, which will please the eye with lush flowering and decorate the interior of a city apartment.

8. Pipes

Vertical flowerbed of PVC pipes.

To refresh and decorate the sad facade of the country house will help creative vertical flowerbed, made of PVC pipes of medium diameter.

9. Flower palette

Original wooden stand for flowers.

Flower pots on the original wooden stand in the form of a palette for paints will be a unique decoration of the landscape of the suburban area and the central part of the garden.

10. Chopping boards

Pots decorated with cutting boards.

Unnecessary cutting boards can be used to create exquisite flower pot holders. For this, the towers should be transformed with the help of painting and attach special metal stands to them.

11. Book

Flower pot from the book.

Old unnecessary books can be an original alternative to boring flower pots. Such unusual "pots" are suitable for growing succulents and will be a spectacular decoration of any surfaces in the house.

12. Paint cans

Original composition.

Paint cans can be a great alternative to standard flower pots. From plants planted in jars with colored stains and an old wooden staircase you get a fun composition that will decorate the porch or landscape of the summer cottage.

13. Coarse material

Stylish pots made of concrete.

Homemade flower pots made of concrete, poured into molds from five-liter bottles and plastic cups, will become a real trick to your home or summer house and help you create truly unique and unusual compositions.

14. Blooming dish

The composition of the plates and pots.

A wonderful live composition of a large plastic dish, small flower pots and succulents, decorate any surface in the house and will attract the attention of all guests.

15. Wood bark

The pots of wood bark.

To decorate one of the walls of the house will help vertical garden of succulents planted in miniature pots of wood bark.

16. The tree of life

Hanging composition of threads and pots.

A fantastic hanging composition, which you can make with your own hands from a metal or plastic ring, threads and small flower pots, will become a creative decoration of a city apartment, regardless of its style.

17. Upside down

Suspended pots.

Hanging garden with inverted plants - a simple technique that will make flowers a central part of your home and help in two accounts to refresh the boring interior.

18. Macrame

Cachpo in macrame technique.

Even the poorest plastic pots will get an attractive new look thanks to the original translucent hanging pots, which can be easily woven with your own hands using macrame technique.

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