Useful ideas

17 key accents to help transform any bathroom


Making repairs, a person first of all pays special attention to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, completely forgetting about the bathrooms, which, in fact, are no less important. It is in the bathroom that you can really cheer up or relax after a hard day at work, relieving tension. Therefore, the interior of this room should be not only comfortable and practical from the point of view of operation, but also comfortable, cozy and, of course, aesthetic. A small selection of design ideas and decor can inspire not only global repairs, but also the transformation of your bathroom, making it much more comfortable.

1. Colorful finish

The white color of the sanitary ware in combination with the marbled tile will pleasantly surprise you, visually expanding the space.

2. Practical and aesthetic storage systems

Practical wooden shelving is a nice addition to the bathroom interior.

3. Suspended mirrors

Do not give up hanging mirrors. They can be a nice bathroom decor.

4. Hidden hue

Do not be afraid to experiment, dilute light colors with darker shades, playing on the contrast.

5. Bathroom lighting system

Use unusual lamps and fixtures.

6. Focus on details

Refresh your bathroom with bright colors and shades. This will help give the interior a special chic.

7. Decorating the floor

Mosaic tiles and carpeting fit perfectly into the interior of a modern bathroom, making it more comfortable.

8. Traditional materials

An unusual combination of chrome, marble and cold white tile will give a feeling of lightness and freshness.

9. Wall decor

A wooden cover plate on the wall with towel hooks is a nice addition to the interior.

10. A splash of green

Dilute the interior of the bathroom plants.

11. Open shelving, or when everything is at hand

This shelving is very convenient and practical for storing bath essentials.

12. Actual ideas for creating original finishes

The originality of the choice of color or texture solutions will be a huge plus.

13. Unusual plumbing - interior highlight

One of the simple but effective solutions to create the original interior is the acquisition of creative models of plumbing.

14. Accessories for plumbing in an unusual performance

Glitter chromed accessories for bathroom plumbing already surprise no one. Therefore, choose more original things that emphasize the interior.

15. Original hangers and holders.

To bring originality into the interior of the bathroom is possible with the help of minor details. For example, use the following “ladder” for towels and bathrobes.

16. Decorative elements and pleasant things

Unusual accessories for bath accessories dilute the severity of the bathroom.

Candles will give the bathroom not only a romantic atmosphere, but also comfort.

17. Picture do not want?

Who said that paintings should decorate only the walls of bedrooms and living rooms? Choose a tranquil, peaceful landscape.