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17 topical ideas of living room arrangement, which will suit our "Khrushchev" or "sockets"


The living room is the place where the whole family gathers after a busy day.

That is why this room should be especially comfortable. This review contains 17 topical ideas of living room arrangement that will suit our "Khrushchev" or "sockets".

1. Comfort in a modern way

Cozy living room in eclectic style.

A small living room, decorated in eclectic style, the main feature of which was a combination of different textures. So, against the background of neutral light gray furnishings, a yellow high-tech armchair, an accent wall by the window and the presence of lively greenery in the interior stand out favorably. Special attention should be paid to the wall with photographs and paintings that personalize the room and create comfort.

2. Bachelor reception

Restrained living room in a mixed style.

The laconic interior of the bachelor living room without excesses, in which the elements of the Scandinavian, industrial and classical styles were mixed. The interior turned out to be strict, elegant and not overloaded with unnecessary furniture and decorative objects. The TV area is decorated in monochrome black with a large functional shelving, classic armchairs and a sofa of noble green color create comfort and charm, and thick curtains add to the room luxury and intimacy.

3. Two in one

Bright living area in a one-room apartment.

Bright room that serves as a living room and bedroom at the same time. The living room area in this marvelous project is separated from the bedroom with a narrow bookcase and contrasting painting of the wall into a trendy shade of pink. As for furniture and decor items, the cost was minimal: a compact folding gray sofa, a low table, a floor lamp and a paper deer head.

4. Eco-style

Fantastic eco-style living room.

Fantastic eco-style living room with marble mosaic and natural moss on one of the walls, voluminous wooden panels with niches-shelves on the other, a charming green folding sofa, designer table and chaise longue. This project is a great example of turning a boring living room into an airy, original and slightly fabulous interior.

Juicy interior in the Scandinavian style.

Amazing living room in the Scandinavian style, which is very popular today. Light walls visually increase the area of ​​the room, wooden furniture and light laminate add comfort, and a green sofa, active print curtains and an abundance of various decorative objects make the interior vibrant and dynamic.

6. Mix textures

Living room in blue tones.

Interesting interior standard living room, decorated in various shades of aqua. The highlight of this space was the original combination of wallpaper and cork panel that adorns the niche. As for the furniture, the designers settled on a classic blue sofa, narrow dark wood book shelves, a large patterned chair, a gray coffee table and a wicker chair made of artificial rattan.

7. Minimalism

Minimalistic living-dining room.

Stylish room that serves as a living room and dining room. The living area here is represented by a small modern sofa, a round table, a chair and a carpet, which has become a peculiar dividing line of two functional ones. In the dining area, a laconic, rectangular table with four chairs and a large open rack with wooden shelves. As decor items, the designers used a narrow panel of golden color, a round picture with an image of an elephant and creative lamps.

8. Sunny day

Small sunny living room.

Cozy sunny living room with snow-white walls, a corner sofa and glass doors. Special attention here deserves a TV area, equipped with a small white nightstand and open shelves for books. And so that the room did not look boring, the designers used colored textiles in the form of a carpet with a geometric print, bedspreads and cushions.

9. Pastel gamma

Elegant living room in muted tones.

An amazing multi-functional space with a barely noticeable geometric print on light walls, a low sofa-bed of a pleasant pink color, a modern closet with closed and open sections and a sleek work desk. This interior is an excellent example of combining several functional areas within the same room.

10. Bright accents

Living room with bright details.

Neutral and a little faceless interior of this small living room was revived with bright details. A bright yellow pouf, a few colorful posters on the shelf, a neon green parrot cage, an active print rug, and an updated bedside table facade all played a role, turning the faceless interior into a bright and personalized one.

11. Non-standard solution

Extraordinary living room with blue floor.

The extraordinary interior of the living room, the main feature of which was the smooth stretching of the intense blue color of the floor on the walls. From the furniture there is only a creative corner sofa in gray and a round coffee table with a yellow table top.

12. Modern classics

Narrow living room in classic style.

Living room area, equipped in a narrow niche with neutral wallpaper, an expensive sofa of beautiful marsh color, a double metal table, a narrow shelf and a TV. This living room is an excellent example of competent planning of a small apartment.

13. Charming space

Charming bright living room in the Scandinavian style.

The charming living room of the Scandinavian style, the highlight of which were simple lamps, beaten with yellow triangles, imitating the rays of light.

14. Freshness of greens

Living room in light green tones.

The modern interior of the living room, decorated in pleasant shades of salad. In the center of the composition, the designers installed a large corner sofa, one of the walls was equipped with a large open shelving filled with books and decorative objects, complemented the composition with lilac curtains and sofa cushions.

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15. Multifunctional space

Cozy living room with work area.

Small, but multifunctional living room in shades of green, with a gray sofa, a variety of low-key storage systems and a window sill, smoothly moving into a working area for two. Special attention should be paid to the decor items: a bright carpet, a guitar on the wall, yellow lamps, a photograph and figurines. All these little things demonstrate the disposition of the owners of the room and make the interior interesting and personalized.

16. Unexpected reception

Classic living room with accent wall.

Elegant living room with a neutral finish, elegant classical furniture and an accent wall decorated with large black stars. Such an unusual reception allowed to bring rebelliousness notes into the laconic and discreet interior.

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17. Natural shades

Neutral lounge to relax.

Modern, bright and comfortable interior of the living room, designed for families. The furnishings and furniture in this room are sustained in a natural light range, without bright accents and flashes, and the main feature of the interior was a fragment of the wall, decorated with voluminous slats made of ceramic granite.

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