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18 elegant living rooms decorated according to the latest design trends


Keeping track of all the latest design trends may not be easy at all.

That is why the new review has collected several more bright, colorful and interesting examples of how you can implement the design of the living room in your house.

Enjoy watching.

1. Pop Art

Modern living room with elements of pop art style.

The bright living room with a concise, and at the same time bright furniture, a modern fireplace and a small number of well-chosen accessories is a stunning example of the synthesis of simplicity, brightness and comfort, which are key areas of the design of the current year.

2. Modern classics

Modern living room in traditional style.

A cozy living room, decorated in a traditional style, with a wooden coffee table, comfortable upholstered furniture to relax in the family circle, and original floral inserts on the wall, which became the highlight of this space.

3. Stunning textures

Living room with stunning furniture.

Spacious living room with white walls, a large corner sofa, ultrafashionable emerald green color and a classic pink armchair upholstered in soft fabric.

4. Scandinavian style

Living room in the Scandinavian style.

The laconic interior of the living room, decorated in the Scandinavian style, which is still popular, as in the past year, with a white fireplace, an original rocking chair and a spectacular leather sofa of a popular terracotta shade.

5. Modern

Living room in mid-modern style.

Wonderful living room, decorated in the style of mid-century, which quickly broke into fashion in 2016 and did not lose its position in 2017, with its open plan, neutral tone of the walls and bright detail in the form of the original yellow sofa.

Neutral living room with an abundance of light wood.

A charming living room decorated in neutral colors, which are best suited to create a relaxing atmosphere, and complemented by stylish light wood details, which helped to bring notes of refinement and freshness to the interior.

7. Required minimum

Simple living room in minimalism style.

A small, modest living room in the style of minimalism with a comfortable corner sofa in gray, which was recognized as one of the main trends of the season, a creative coffee table and a vintage bollard that adds special warmth and charm to the space.

8. Bright details

Living room with an abundance of bright details.

Fans of bright colors will surely like this cheerful interior of the living room with an abundance of colorful details in the form of a green hanger, cushions of green and yellow, original curtains with a botanical print and a stool in a rich yellow shade.

9. Luxury and well-being

Living room with classic furniture.

A living room with a classic leather sofa, a coffee table made of natural wood, a fireplace and an original carpet is a vivid example of the demonstration of the term "well-being", which became the main motive in the field of interior design this year.

10. Laconic style

Calm interior of a modern living room.

A spacious living room with neutral light walls, a leather sofa, comfortable armchairs, an original coffee table and a small amount of well-chosen decor is a vivid example of simplicity and comfort that all designers aspire to this year.

11. Color depth

Living room with blue walls.

A cozy living room with an abundance of elements made of light wood, which stand out favorably against the walls, painted in a deep blue tint - one of the most fashionable colors of 2017.

12. Shades of white

A small living room in a traditional style, decorated in several shades of white, which have not lost their relevance this year, with elegant furniture and luxurious objects of decor.

13. Boho-chic

Bright living room in the style of boho.

Spectacular living room, decorated in the style of boho, which is one of the most popular styles of the season, with a blue fluffy sofa, colorful carpet, pillows and an abundance of various creative details that make the space truly unique.

14. Spring freshness

Living room with green sofa.

Living room with gray walls, an abundance of living plants in tubs and a magnificent sofa of fresh green color, which, by the way, is one of the most fashionable shades of the year.

15. Bright duet

Bright color combinations in the interior of the living room.

Incredible living room with neutral gray walls, which became a wonderful backdrop for a velvet sofa of rich blue color, a soft armchair of a lemon-yellow shade and several colorful works of art.

16. Country

Living room with elements of country style.

Minimalistic living room with original sofas, romantic canopy and small details in country style, which make the interior unusually warm and cozy.

17. At the turn of the century

Eclectic style living room.

Gorgeous living room, in the interior of which surprisingly managed to combine elements of the 19th century with modern furniture and materials.

18. Cozy space

Living room with elements of rustic style.

Wonderful living room with a large orange sofa and small details in a rustic style, which brought to the space notes of comfort and rural charm.