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10 options for how to use nail polish remover


Most men either completely ignore women's cosmetics, or treat it with a slight disdain. And in vain. Some "women's things" and they can adopt. No, no, do not think anything like that.

Speech only about the "wash" for nail polish. She copes not only with lacquer, but also with many domestic problems. And definitely useful to both sexes.

Nail polish remover is also useful for men.

Nail polish remover can be prescribed with a clear conscience even in a bachelor lair. Because it can be easier to solve these problems with it.

1. Remove the permanent marker from the skin

We launder the artist from the arts.

If there is a child in the house, and even with a creative kind - one cannot do without the good old “Marigold”. A couple of drops on a cotton pad will erase all artwork from the skin.

2. Clean persistent stains from the surface of the bath or sink.

Getting rid of stains in the bathroom.

If you do not have the strength to work desperately with muscles and a brush, pour a little acetone-containing product onto problem areas, wait a couple of minutes, then lightly rub with a sponge and rinse with warm water. The situation will improve before our eyes.

3.If you "run into" superglue ...

"Remover" for varnish against superglue.

... most importantly, do not panic. Exhale, apply a little polish remover to the affected skin, wait 30 seconds. Carefully release your fingers (or other areas of the body) from the sticky trap and rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water and soap.

4. Turn the notebook whiteness

If napkins do not help.

White laptop is a beautiful thing, but terribly impractical. Although try to explain it to a girl or teenage daughter. If the yellow spots on the lid and keyboard do not lend themselves to special wipes for the technician, apply a very small amount (literally a couple of drops) of the “wash” to the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the discolored areas. After that, be sure to leave the laptop open so that it is completely dry and the peculiar smell has disappeared.

5. By the way, the same method works for white smartphones.

"Wash" for a varnish against spots on the white case of the smartphone.

Alas, without a case, any white smartphone with a plastic case sooner or later acquires yellow spots of dubious origin. Acetoacetic agent will help solve the problem. But you still have to buy a case.

6. Remove old stains from china

We return to china a decent look.

If the porcelain plates are stained after a sauce or other hot dish (yes, this happens), first wash the dishes in the usual way. And then dilute a small amount of varnish remover in warm water, soak a soft cloth in it and rub it well. Thoroughly wash the dishes with a soft gel one or two times to completely remove residual acetone.

7. Sanitize reusable shaving machine.

We disinfect the razor.

Reusable machines also need disinfection. The easiest way to do this is to rinse the shaver in a nail polish remover, and then rinse well with warm water and soap and dry it.

8. Remove stains and markings from tiles.

"Remover" for varnish and stains with tiles.

To effectively clean the tiles from dirt and grease, dilute the contents of the bottle of varnish remover in warm water and wash the floor with this. Acetone perfectly removes stains and has powerful degreasing properties.

9. Wash grease stains from clothes

"Nail" against greasy stains on clothes.

Food stains are record breakers for the frequency of their appearance on clothing. To get rid of them once and for all, moisten the stains in the "wash" for the varnish, starting from the edges and moving to the middle (so that the fat trail does not increase). Cover with a dry cloth and warm with a warm iron. Warning: do not use this method on clothing made of acetate silk. Acetone is destructive to her.

10. Restore dried nail polish

If the varnish dried up.

While a drop of nicotine kills a horse, a drop of acetone restores the thickened varnish. Life hacking necessary for every girl.