Useful ideas

18 simple, but interesting ideas, when the trash turns into a stylish decor for the interior


Almost every one of us is full of various little things that seem to be unnecessary, and it's a pity to throw it away.

And, nevertheless, it is not necessary to hurry to get rid of, so to speak, the accumulated "rubbish".

After all, it can be useful for the realization of some decorative ideas, thanks to which any apartment will become cozy and stylish.

1. Favorite Internet Posters

Surely you have somewhere stored online collection of favorite pictures with inspiring views. Print out your favorite ones and decorate the wall with them.

2. Panel Keeper Keys

Collect all the old keys and build an unusual panel of them. It will inhale a touch of nostalgia for the past in your interior.

3. A table of old books

Do not rush to throw away old books, they can turn out to be a pretty table on which you can place from a vase to hours and other trifles.

4. Coffee stool

Use old magazines and straps to tie. And you get such a bright stool for the hallway or balcony.

5. Pictures of the remnants of the fabric

Even, it would seem, the most common scraps of fabric, which must have been lying somewhere on the mezzanine, can be safely used to create such paintings.

6. Multicolored stickers

All ingenious is simple. Scratch paper, colored scotch for decoration and other adhesive elements will quickly enliven any wall.

7. 12 months

Even such a simple thing as a calendar can become a bright element of the decor. Look at these cute houses. They will look great in any room.

8. Simple and tasteful.

It is worth paying attention to the glass bottles that remained after the feast. Some of them have a very interesting shape. So do not rush to throw them away. They will serve as flower vases for a long time.

9. Echoes of the Soviet era

No matter how paradoxical and funny it may sound, the most ordinary newspapers can be used as wallpapers. This will not only transform any room in the country, but will give the interior a certain nostalgic atmosphere of the past.

10. Road map

The old road map can be turned into a nostalgic picture, looking at which you will remember about the places where you once happened to be. Or celebrate new ones to visit them soon.

11. Paper cups

Such holders will help not only maintain order on the desktop, but also decorate it.

12. Old and new pictures

Print your favorite pictures from the social. nets and decorate them with a wall. Or use old photos for decoration, which are sure to get dusty in photo albums.

13. Old things are turning into ...

If the thing has become small, and you do not want to part with it, turn it into an element of decor. The main secret here - things must be with history. Such a little trick will help ukass a teenager's room, bringing in her creative notes.

14. Balls of thread

You can decorate your house with such charming balls. By the way, there are many different options for using such a decor - they can be hung from the ceiling, put on the table, made a garland or even a lamp.

15. Interesting lamp ideas

What could be more magical than falling asleep under the radiance of the whole universe?

16. Decoupage

Decoupage and painting amazingly transform the old furniture facades, but not every person has enough time and patience for this painstaking work. Therefore, it is best to use adhesive tapes marbled, gold and other unusual coatings.

17. Creative homemade lampshades for lamps

Homemade lampshades made of fabric, paper, threads and other improvised means will not only decorate your house, but also bring an unusual atmosphere into it every dark time of the day.

18. Succulents - Living Home Decor

A living wall of succulents is perhaps the most amazing piece of home crafts that you can make yourself.