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20 super tricks that will help you organize your life


Every house should have order. At least, this thought adheres to the majority of housewives who dream of an ideal home.

In order to get at least a little closer to such an ideal, we have collected 20 super-tricks that will help to organize our life in a great way.

1. Fast ironing

Fast ironing with foil.

It's no secret that the foil heats up quickly and can significantly speed up the process of ironing. To do this, before you start ironing, spread the foil on the board. This trick will allow you to iron the thing on both sides at once.

2. The order in the pantry

The organizer for the pantry.

The cheapest economic organizer will help increase the possibilities of even the most modest storeroom. Fasten it on the inside of the door and fill its pockets with food supplies, household cleaning products, washcloths, rags and cutlery and any other trifles. Such a storage system will allow to put things in order and free shelves for more dimensional things.

3. Hangers

Hooks for stylers.

Several self-adhesive plastic hooks will help turn the cabinet door into a convenient place for storing tongs, irons, hair dryers and other hair styling products.

4. Organizer for packages

Box for bags.

Do not rush to throw away the cardboard boxes of napkins. They can be reused to store disposable sachets.

5. Shoe rack

Railing for shoes.

The lower part of the wardrobe can be turned into a convenient place to store shoes. To do this, you need to attach two metal hooks to the walls of the cabinet, on which you can put a rail or a telescopic bar. Ready hanger suitable for storing shoes with heels.

6. Slaps

Storage of summer shoes.

Homemade lock for lockers.

Two adhesive hooks and a tight elastic band are all you need to build a simple lock that will protect the contents of the refrigerator or cabinet from small children.

8. Little trick

Hide the thermostat.

To hide the thermostat or shield that does not fit into the interior will help a picture or photo on canvas. By lifting or pushing the picture, you can always have access to the shield.

9. Cleaning

Carpet and furniture cleaning.

If you have animals at home, you do not know by hearsay how painful the cleaning of furniture and carpets from wool can be. However, a rubber scraper can ease your lot. Strongly pressing, walk them on the surface of sofas and carpets along the way, collecting wool with a wet palm.

10. New Mop

Update mops.

Old terry sock can be used to update the mop. Just put it on top of an old washcloth and start cleaning.

11. Suspended containers

Suspended containers in the bath.

Most often, we store washcloths and shampoos on the side of the tub. But they now and then fall from there, and also get very wet during water procedures. In addition, the abundance of things on the side prevents quality cleaning. To solve all these problems and save space in the tub will help plastic or wire containers that can be mounted on a rod attached to a free wall or on the cornice for curtains.

12. Board for notes

Notes on the glass.

Insert a white sheet into the frame for pictures or photos and leave the notes at home directly on the glass with a marker.

13. Universal holder

Tennis ball holder.

You can make a very practical and versatile holder from a tennis ball. To do this, you need to make a longitudinal cut in the ball and attach it to the wall. The holder can be used for fixing the handle, storing the mail or as a towel hanger in the bathroom.

14. Fighting odor

Remedy for unpleasant smell.

If an unpleasant odor emanates from your shoes, then it is time to refresh it. To do this, wrap a little soda in thin fabric bags, put them in shoes and leave overnight. During this time, the soda absorbs all unpleasant odors and shoes will smell like new.

15. Garbage container

Small trash bin.

A small plastic bottle of any detergent can be turned into a convenient small container for cleaning and food waste. Simply cut off the top of the bottle, and attach the bottom to the wall of the sink using a sucker. Such a container will always be on hand and will eliminate the need to continually go to the trash.

16. Cleaning the brush

Caring for a toilet brush.

The brush helps us take care of one of the dirtiest parts of our house, but it also requires regular care. To prevent unpleasant odor, pour a little bit of any detergent into the brush holder.

17. Metal hooks

Things on hooks.

Buy a few metal hooks and a pair of telescopic curtain rods at the hardware store. One of them can be fixed in the cabinet under the sink, the other in the closet. With the help of hooks hang on the eaves all things that can only be stored this way.

18. Board hanger

Ironing board hanger.

From two metal hooks and a wooden plank you can make a reliable and practical hanger. Attach it behind the door and use to store the ironing board. This trick is definitely worth adopting to owners of small apartments and people who love order.

19. Tool Upgrade

Magnets on the tools.

Glue small magnets to the tool handles. This will keep the nails and bolts on hand without losing them while working.

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20. Nozzle for vacuum cleaner

Nozzle made of cardboard sleeve.

From the cardboard sleeve you can make an excellent nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. By bending its end you will be able to penetrate the most inaccessible places of the apartment and clean even the window frames of dust.

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