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16 design ideas of multifunctional kitchen units for comfort and convenience

Few can boast the presence of a kitchen and dining room in their home. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of our compatriots have to huddle in small apartments.

But even in such conditions, I want to bring comfort to the kitchen, where the whole family gathers at the same table. An important role in the arrangement of the kitchen plays a soft corner. 16 interesting examples will demonstrate the benefits of this type of kitchen furniture.

1. Light corner of the kitchen

A good idea for those who do not like darkness and gloom.

2. Two in one

For those who do not have much space. Comfortable and soft seating area, as well as cabinets for dishes.

3. Kitchen for home

This idea is for those who have a lot of space in the house, but did not want to go far from the table to the kitchen.

4. Restrained style

Option kitchen in a discreet style. Bright chairs will add a positive and a little summer.

5. Small-sized kitchen corner

This kitchen will take up little space. But she is gorgeous. Nothing extra.

6. Small kitchen corner

If you have odnushka, definitely an option for you.

7. A simple and uncomfortable corner.

Such a kitchen for lovers of soothing colors and at the same time everything is tasteful.

8. Stylish kitchen corner

Shaggy carpet will give more home comfort, and a sofa and not ordinary pillows on it make it stylish.

9. Semicircular corner

If you want to stand out, then take note of the design of an interesting corner for the kitchen.

10. Bright and cozy corner

For a cozy kitchen, it doesn't matter if you have a lot of space or not. Cozy it can be done with the help of various trifles.

11. Economy option

Simple and low-cost option for the kitchenette.

12. Modern soft corner

No legs for sofas and shops. The armrest is comfortable and not voluminous.

13. Wicker kitchen furniture

This option is suitable for those who have a big house and a place to save to anything.

14. Original kitchen

Play with colors, tones, let your kitchen become unique.

15. Corner for large companies

This idea is for those who like to gather at home in a large company.

16. Modern kitchen

If you live with the times, this is the idea.