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How to easily clean the microwave from fat


In the age of modern technology, without comforts can not do anywhere, even in the kitchen. Therefore, the question of how to clean the microwave from the fat inside is very acute for most housewives. After all, a microwave oven not only saves the time and effort of its owner, it is very convenient and is one of the simplest devices in the kitchen. However, like other things, it requires constant care from its owner. Indeed, in the process of cooking in the microwave, there are remains of food, fat gets onto the walls, and it is impossible to wash it with usual means, as this is not convenient enough and can harm the device itself. If you are wondering how to clean the inside of the microwave from fat, then you should study in detail the instruction manual for the device and pay attention to the folk remedies for getting rid of fat grease.

Naturally, the easiest way to get rid of fatty contaminants and restore order in the oven will be to purchase a special cleaner for the microwave - you can buy it at any household cleaning store or at an electronics store. However, unlike the result of his work, the price of this product is too high, and he is not always able to solve the problem of how to clean the inside of the microwave from fat deposits.

You need to wash it very often, even if you put the dish not open, but cover it with a special lid that prevents splashing of fat on the walls. Anyway, the steam that is released during cooking falls on the walls of the stove and naturally pollutes them.

Specialized cleaning products

The most familiar and easiest way to clean the oven from dirt, bloom and soot is to buy a special cleaning tool for it that will help you to clean out the old dirt with ease. Many housewives use just such a way for these purposes, refusing to believe that folk remedies will somehow help in the process of combating pollution.

Such funds are required to select depending on the internal coverage of your stove. Expensive options microwaves can be covered with expensive materials, including enamel. Nobody wants to spoil such a coating, especially with a cleaning agent, and it is quite easy to spoil the surface of the walls. Therefore, for these types of coatings microwaves commercially available cleaners that are able to deal with pollution and do not spoil the coating.

It is necessary to choose such means very carefully, considering not only the peculiarities of your furnace, but also your preferences. In the process of choosing the means you should worry about purchasing a soft sponge without an abrasive part.

The easiest ways to clean a microwave

The easiest way to get rid of fat on the walls is plain water. But she doesn't just need to wash the stove from the inside. In order to clean the walls, water must be poured into a container and put it inside the stove for heating. Be sure to choose a bowl wider so that evaporation of water is faster and more active. In this case, the usual glass will not help you, since its area is very small and evaporation from it cannot occur quickly, which will not allow a good cleaning of the walls. It is with this method that housewives get acquainted first and foremost when they are wondering how to clean the microwave at home. This cleaning method is one of the most simple and effective. You only need a minute of time to draw water and put in the oven for heating for ten minutes. After that, you need to wipe dry the walls with a soft cloth, without using abrasives. This method of cleaning does not require the use of expensive means of cleaning surfaces from fat.

This method is perfect at the moment when there is no time to conduct a full cleaning. But it will be effective only if you carry out regular cleaning and the deposit has not accumulated in you for years. Fresh fatty contamination is very easily removed using this method.

Microwave soda

Each housewife is accustomed to clean many kitchen items with soda, it seems to many that due to the fact that this abrasive is small, it does not damage the surface. However, for microwave ovens, especially those walls that are covered with ceramic on top, cleaning with soda is strictly prohibited. But this does not mean at all that it is impossible to clean the microwave using soda. This method is also not particularly difficult, but its effect is much better, and it allows you to wash more complex contaminants. To do this, we again take a bowl and pour water into it, into which we pour three tablespoons of soda. After which the contents of the bowl stir a little. As in the first version, we put the cape in the microwave and set the maximum power mode, set the timer for fifteen minutes. In order for the oven to be well cleaned of dirt, it is recommended to leave the bowl after heating in the oven for another half an hour and only then take it out. If after the procedure, dirt and bloom still remain, then you can easily repeat the procedure again, only reducing the time.

As a result of cleaning, droplets are formed inside, with which you can easily remove both dirt and grease. This method of how to clean the microwave from fat is contactless, which is why you can easily apply it to an expensive stove.

There are many more contactless ways to clean the microwave from fat. For example, instead of adding soda, you can easily use vinegar or lemon. These two tools cope well with stagnant fat on the walls and evaporate well when heated with water.

Clean the microwave with vinegar

Many housewives are wondering how to clean the microwave from the fat with vinegar. To clean the stove well with this tool you will need a couple of tablespoons of vinegar. The processing method is in principle no different from the previous ones. You will need to mix the component with water in a wide bowl and put it on the maximum temperature for fifteen minutes inside the oven. With the help of the solution, you will not only be able to clean the furnace effectively, but at the same time easily eliminate unpleasant odors inside the furnace. After all, the smell is very eats into the walls, in some cases no worse than soot or fat. If you use the microwave to the maximum, fry fish in it, bake meat, make a grill chicken, then you just need to periodically clean your oven from foreign smells that accumulate inside it.

All the above methods are great not only to clean from dirt, but to get rid of extraneous odors. The most important advantage of these methods is that after these procedures, no odors remain inside the oven. Unlike some special cleaning products, having in their composition various flavors with the smell of citrus, sea waves, etc., which can only mask the smell.

The use of vinegar is ideal for everyone except people who can not tolerate unpleasant odors. The method is really very fast and convenient, you can use it to clean the oven quite quickly, without any special effort.

Using salt to clean the microwave

If the situation is such that you haven’t cleaned the stove for a long time and all smells have already eaten into the coating itself, then salt will not save you. Here your assistant will be activated carbon. To do this, you need to take the packing of coal and crush it, then put it on a plate and just put it overnight in the oven, and you do not need to turn it on. If you want to know how to clean the microwave inside at home, then this method should pay special attention.

Use lemon to clean the microwave

Lemon juice or acid - these are two effective tools that help quickly and effectively solve problems with microwave pollution. Moreover, if you use not the acid, but the juice of fresh lemon, then you will get another nice bonus - your oven will smell good. But it is worth remembering that if the microwave oven is covered with enamel from the inside, then you should not constantly use acidic components to clean it.

To prepare you will need to acquire the following components:

  • water - 0.5 liters;
  • citric acid -1 tbsp. spoon or 2 small lemons;
  • wide capacity.

Preparing a cleanser as follows: pour acid or lemons into the container and pour the contents in water. Then take a bowl and put it inside the microwave. We turn on the temperature to maximum and set the time on the timer from 5 minutes to 15, depending on the degree of contamination. Then leave the bowl in the oven for about five minutes, after which the walls can be wiped with a damp cloth. If after the procedure there are still pollution, then you can wipe them additionally with a solution of lemons. This method of purification is quite effective and will help you maintain cleanliness in the furnace constantly. So you can not only completely clean your oven, but also completely eliminate odors from it.

If you want to combine “pleasant with useful,” and remove smells and clean dirt from dirt, then the juice of fresh lemon is ideal for this purpose. Take one lemon, cut it into slices and put it in a bowl filled with water. Then put it in the microwave and turn it on for about twenty minutes. This method is ideal for helping you cope with two problems at once.

Basically, all effective ways to clean a microwave are based on the principle of a water bath and the evaporation of cleaning products that are easily prepared at home.

Use the sponge and faerie

Having seen the name, each person will think that it is here that we will talk about the mechanical cleaning of the furnace. However, you are mistaken. Of course, without this type of cleaning, you will not do in any case, but this method is slightly different from it and will be an ideal solution for cleaning not very dirty ovens.

What you will need:

  • dish washing sponge (except metal);
  • water in a sponge wetting bowl;
  • dishwashing liquid any.

So how to clean the microwave in this way? To do this, you need to moisten the sponge in water and squeeze a little detergent onto it. After that, it is well foamed. Put the sponge in the detergent into the microwave oven and set it for 30 seconds at maximum power, but the most important thing is to ensure that the sponge does not start to melt. Then wipe the wall with the same sponge. The essence of this method is that the vapors from the detergent evaporate during heating and soften the plaque that is on the walls and all contaminants are easily removed.

This method is not particularly effective if you have not been engaged in washing the oven for a long time and there is dirt on its walls that has been accumulating there for months. In this case, it would be better to choose a more effective method.

How to clean the camera:

  1. Initially, you need to get a ring.
  2. Then take out the glass plate.
  3. First wipe the top wall.
  4. After that, we undertake the sidewalls.
  5. And only then the bottom of the chamber is washed.

In order not to start up your stove and wash it from strong contamination much less often, it is recommended to use a hood during cooking, which not only helps to prepare the dish, but also protects the walls from the ingress of fat from food. The cap can be replaced with a simple cling film or a glass plate.

Do not often need to clean the microwave using vinegar and citric acid, especially if the inner enamel coating.

And one more important point that you need to know, if in the process of cooking your food exploded, then its remains on the walls should be removed immediately, and not wait until it dries.

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