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16 household tricks for the kitchen, which one day will be useful to everyone


16 household tricks for the kitchen, which one day will be useful to everyone

Perhaps, any hostess has a couple of secrets, thanks to which her dishes become incredibly tasty.

To replenish the treasury of knowledge and skills, we collected 16 household tricks for the kitchen, which one day will be useful to everyone.

1. Tight cover

Unscrew the tight can lid.

If you can not unscrew too tight can lid, use the usual stationery gum. Put a few on the middle part of the jar and a few on the lid itself. Gum will provide your hands with a better grip, and you will have more chances to deal with the lid.

2. Chilled candles

Candles that burn long.

According to our information, candles, which were cooled in the fridge for 24 hours before use, burn twice as long as they lit immediately after purchase.

3. Fixed board

Additional fixing dosochki.

The chopping board will not move on the table if you put a paper towel moistened with water under it.

4. Shards

Collect small pieces.

Broken glass can be a real nuisance, because collecting small pieces is very difficult. To ease this task will help a piece of bread. Walk along the floor and shrapnel into its porous structure.

5. Alternative matches

Spaghetti instead of matches.

If you need to light a fire in the stove or a candle in a deep bowl, and there are no special long matches at hand, use spaghetti. This will allow you to prevent burn fingers and save your manicure.

6. Sliced ​​Cheese

The finest slice of cheese.

For anyone who loves thin slices of cheese, we recommend using a vegetable peeler for cutting. It should be noted that this life hack works only with hard varieties of cheese.

7. Wash bottle

Qualitatively wash the bottle.

If you need to wash the bottle from the inside, and there is no special brush on hand, an eggshell will help. It needs to be crushed, poured into a bottle, add water, a little detergent and thoroughly shake. After that, the contents of the bottle should be poured into the toilet and rinse it well from soap.

8. Lemon juice

Squeeze the maximum out of lemons.

Want to get the maximum amount of lemon juice? Heat the fruit in the microwave and only then start squeezing.

Note: in the process of heating, the lemon membranes containing juice, become soft, and thus the process of squeezing the juice is facilitated. Just 20 seconds of heating at maximum power is enough to squeeze everything from the fruit to the drop.

9. Dispenser

Dispenser on cans.

Glue a strip of masking tape onto the top of the jar with any loose product to easily remove the slide from the measuring spoon.

10. Frozen Sauce

Frozen Sauce.

Do not rush to get rid of the remnants of the sauce. Spread it over ice cells and freeze. Before heating, add cubes of frozen sauce to macaroni or rice to get a tasty gravy.

11. Green storage

Supports the life of green.

The most common cause of green spoilage in a refrigerator is condensate, which leads to premature rotting. To prevent food spoilage, lay a paper towel on the bottom of the container, another one can be put in the middle.

12. Reanimate champagne

Return the bubbles to the champagne.

If the champagne is exhausted, reanimate it with the help of several highlights. Just drop a few dried raisins into the glass and after a few minutes it will bubble again.

13. Fixing the spoon

Spoon fixing method.

Another trick using clerical gum. Wrap it several times around the tip of a spoon or skimmer, so that it does not fall into the pan during cooking.

14. Foil cover

Speed ​​up the baking process.

If you notice that the dish in the oven is already burning below, and the upper layer is still not cooked, tightly wrap the container with foil and reduce the heat. This trick will allow you to increase the temperature inside the baking dish and significantly speed up the cooking process.

15. Frozen minced meat

The best way to freeze minced meat.

Do not freeze the mince in one package. Divide it into portions, put in cellophane or zip-packs, then roll out with a rolling pin to make thin plates. Only then fold the product in the freezer. The stuffing frozen in this way does not lose juiciness and is defrosted in just 10 minutes.

16. The trick with dental floss

Dental floss for cutting.

Dental floss has a high strength, it is also very thin, which allows in some situations to use it instead of a knife. When should you use a thread? Use it to cut a freshly baked crust across or when you need to quickly cut soft cheese.