Useful ideas

18 homework tips for every day

Many house troubles can be fixed very easily and quickly. The main thing is to use the right methods. The article presents home-based tips that will help you sooner or later in any case.

1. Bag without smell

Need to eliminate unpleasant smell in your bag? Put an unused tea bag into it for one day.

2. Pipes without clogging

Use salt to clean sewer pipes. Pour it into the pipe and wash it with boiling water.

3. Sunburn

Often, artificial tanning of the skin is the cause of uneven skin lightening, that is, the presence of spots. To avoid this, you need to use baking soda, a small amount of which is applied to problem areas with a sponge.

4. Clean iron

Nagar on the sole of the iron is easily cleaned with a mixture of ammonia and vinegar. Dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the iron.

5. Vegetable Soup

Do not put spices - bay leaves, black pepper and others - in fresh vegetable soups. Better ready soup sprinkle with herbs - it is healthier and tastier.

6. Kitchen Hygiene

Be sure to handle wooden kitchen boards with a solution of water and vinegar. Cutting products must be on a perfectly clean surface.

7. Salad with butter

Vegetable oil should be added to the salad only after it has been added salt, vinegar, and pepper. Remember that salt in oil cannot dissolve.

8. Cold compote

To quickly cool the hot compote, put the pot with him in a larger bowl with cold salted water.

9. Tasty buckwheat

To cook delicious buckwheat porridge, water must be two times more than cereals. Pot, in which porridge cooks, cover with a lid. Cook porridge, first on high heat, and then - on low.

10. Fish odorless

When cooking such fish species as flounder and cod, an unpleasant peculiar smell is emitted, which can be eliminated by adding parsley root and celery to the dish. It will not be superfluous to add onions to the dish.

11. Flowers in the room

Wildflowers will stand longer if you add a few drops of detergent to the vase. The main thing in this case is not to overdo it, since the opposite effect is possible.

12. Shine to shine

In order to obtain a white bath, it is necessary to prepare a special solution for its cleaning: soda ash (2 tablespoons) + drinking soda (2 tablespoons). Next, rub this mixture with your bath. Bath should be wet. Wait 5 minutes (it is important not to wash off the layer) and apply the following mixture: vinegar (50 g) + bleach (50 g). It will remain to wait half an hour and wash away the layers.

13. White curtains

If the windows in your dwelling are equipped with white synthetic curtains, after washing in the process of drying, exclude the ingress of direct sunlight.

14. Clean entrance hall

Semi anteroom is characterized by a quick soiling. To eliminate this undesirable phenomenon, you need to get a stand for shoes. A tray and a cork substrate are perfect as a stand. You can buy them in almost any store building materials.

15. Laundry bags

They are indispensable for washing delicate fabrics. However, you should not rush to purchase them in the store, as they can be made by hand. For this purpose, fit the usual duvet cover.

16. Economical cooking

If you decide to treat your loved ones and relatives with small pasta, then do not strive to cook them until full cooking. Immediately, as the water boils, throw pasta, stir, turn off the gas and be sure to cover with a lid. In 10 minutes they will be ready.

17. TV on the spot

Put the computer monitor and the TV in evenly lit places, which is necessary to optimize the brightness and contrast control to a lower level. At the same time, energy savings will be achieved - up to 5% per month.

18. Air freshener

If you suddenly run out of perfume, then do not rush to throw out the bottle from them. Remove the dispenser, pour into a bottle of ordinary water (1/2 of the volume of the bottle) and release the wooden sticks there. They will absorb the aromatized moisture and distribute it throughout the dwelling. The source