Useful ideas

17 tricks that never crossed your mind


When it seems that there are no more life hacks that you would not know, you can always find or come up with a couple of new ones.

We have collected for you another batch of utilities for all occasions.

17. Fresh fruits

Fruits in a vase will stay fresh longer if you put lemon on them.

16. Place for potatoes and onions

Onions and potatoes do not like light, so put these vegetables in a folder holder and store it in the kitchen cupboard.

15. Organization of the first-aid kit

Sort drugs: cold remedies, drugs for the digestive tract, painkillers, etc. Spread the resulting groups into separate containers and do not forget to leave a separate box or a box for a first aid kit.

14. A convenient way to store bras.

A few hooks and hangers will help you create an organizer for bras.

13. We clean the carpet from wool

Wool from the carpet can be easily collected with a scraper for windows.

12. Cable box

Always confusing cables are conveniently stored in old drive cases.

11. Convenient way to transport clothes when moving

Pack a few hangers in a garbage bag - this way it will be much easier to transport things.

10. How to find a puncture in the tire

If you can not find a puncture in the tire, pump it up, remove and wipe with soapy water. Soap bubbles will appear at the puncture site.

9. Box for moving

A box with things will be much more convenient to carry if you make a slot in your hands.

8. Hanger for glasses

In the summer, glasses are often littered anywhere and there is a risk of dropping them and breaking or scratching, but this is almost impossible if you organize their storage in such an unusual way.

7. Silent drawers

If you have drawers that constantly rumble when closing, try applying a thin strip of hot glue to the top of the inner wall of the cabinet.

6. To Do List of Photo Frames

A photo frame with glass, beautiful colored paper for the background - and that's it, your To Do List is ready.

5. PVC gates

PVC pipes and grids are all that is required to make your own gates for the game.

4. Clean the cast iron skillet

Salt, oil and potatoes are excellent tools for cleaning the old cast iron pan.

3. Pool instead of a playpen

Use the inflatable pool to create a safe place for baby games.

2. How to protect potatoes from sprouting

To keep the potatoes from sprouting longer, put an apple in the bag.

1. Keep the apples fresh

The incised apple turns yellow due to the reaction of oxygen with iron, which is found in excess in apples. The incised lobules can be joined, fixed with an elastic band and taken with you wherever you go. In this case, the oxygen will not interact with the notched sides of the apple.